our story

We met in English class our freshman year of high school. R sat behind me and I peer-edited his essay by telling him he needed more dialogue. Little did he know he would marry me and I'd be telling him he needs more dialogue probably twice a day for the rest of his life. 

We started dating when R asked his crush to our Junior homecoming and she politely declined, but she suggested he take me instead. He reluctantly agreed, hoping she would maybe change her mind. She didn't, he took me, and we skipped the dance and sat in a local coffee shop and talk for hours instead. That was the beginning of a lot of really good conversations. 

High school graduation

We dated all through college. We were long distance as I went to school in Milwaukee and R went to school in Indiana, where he was in Navy ROTC. There were long drives on the weekends to see each other and so many hours spent on the phone discussing our futures.

Our very first ROTC Birthday Ball Freshman year

Birthday Ball Senior year
Five years after that first date, at that very same coffee shop, written on the drink sleeve of my favorite drink that I'd ordered five years prior, R asked me to marry him and I said yes. 

Exactly one year after that, we were married in Milwaukee, our very favorite place in the world, in front of all of our very favorite people in the world. 

Not very long after, R commissioned in the Navy and I stared this little blog to keep our friends and family updated on our travels. And the rest is history. 

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