about me

I'm Cari. I'm a wife and a mama and I'm a wannabe writer.

I think my husband, R, is the most handsome, most patient man around. 

Our daughter Eva has rocked my world since the minute she joined it and I love her more deeply than I knew possible. We're expecting another daughter in February and I already love being a #girlmom. 

I have a dog named Beau whose pictures fill my iPhone almost to capacity. 

I am a proud Wisconsin girl who loves the Green Bay Packers and also I am a transplanted Yankee whose time down South inspired me to add "y'all" to my vocabulary. 

I love craft beer and coffee. In that order. 

I love Jesus and grace and redemption. Also in that order. 

I love community and being real and getting messy. Because I think authentic relationships are where life happens. 

I named the blog after the lyrics from our wedding song because my little family is sweet and they are sound. They are my home.

I love this little blog, this space where I get to share my travels and my heart. 

Thank you for reading. 


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