Monday, November 14, 2016

one year!

My favorite things:
  • Yelling! I like to yell across the house to see if anyone will answer me. I don't care if Mom is on the phone or if Dad is trying to watch something on TV- I just want to yell back and forth!
  • Going to the park. I can't walk still, but I love swinging and sitting watching the big kids run around. I sometimes like the slide, but I'm happier to just observe. 
  • Dogs and cats! I laugh and smile every time we see them out on our walks and sometime I'm just so thrilled to see Beau come around the corner that I squeal with delight!
My least favorite things:
  • Being too far from Mom. I've been pretty consistent about this since I was just a teensy babe, but if my Mama could hold me and carry me everywhere she goes, I'd be pretty glad. 
Eva is one! And this update is overdue, but it's because we were too busy celebrating! My mom and R's parent's flew down to help us celebrate and we had a wonderful party (pictures coming soon!) and spent the week reminiscing about what a difference a year makes. We talked about what we were doing last year at this same time and I reflected on how far I've come as a parent in just twelve short months. I haven't enjoyed every single moment, but I find that as she gets bigger and as I become more confident, I'm able to take the tough days in stride and relish the sweet moments a little more. It's been a wonderful year and I am thankful and excited for the year ahead!

Here's what we've been up to this month:

Eva and her bestie Ember taking a wagon ride. 

We're in full on toddle mode over here with this little lady getting into cabinets and drawers all the time. This Tupperware cabinet is her favorite and the drawer with the Ziploc bags is my least favorite... 

Checked out our local used bookstore and Eva was in a heaven of pulling books off the shelf. 

It's not fall until you visit a pumpkin patch. And I managed to get a rare photo of her standing with no help! 

Grandma and Grandpa got Eva the same wagon that her buddy Ember has and she loves it! 

We all survived out first hurricane! (With the help of  important provisions, of course.)

She let me put this clown wig on and she kept it on for a lot longer than I expected. Maybe she''ll have a future in the circus? 

This is the scene several times a day under the highchair: Beau lets Eva kick him in the head because he knows the reward is food falling from the sky right into his mouth. 

Who knew Q-tips could make a girl so happy?

Soaking up all the warm Florida weather while we still can.

Helping Dad build a bed frame. 

Wrestling her buddy Ethan. Cue the heart eyes!

Where there is food, there is a happy Eva. 

Sometimes they look so much alike I have to do a double take. 

More heart eyes for these two!

We also began the process of selling our house! More information in later posts, but we're bidding Florida farewell soon!

And just for good measure, here's one of my two faves taken this same week last year. 

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