Sunday, October 2, 2016

eleven months.

My favorite things:

  • Eating! I've been eating for a while, but I'm a growing girl and I am happy to sit and eat anything, anytime! (I am eating Cheerios in this picture...)
  • Exploring new things without Mom. It's no secret that I like my Mom nearby, but this month I got just a little more comfortable venturing out on my own and spending time without her.
  • Screeching with joy! Still no words yet, but I love to let out a loud screech in my car seat or my highchair to let the world know that I am lovin' life!
My least favorite things:
  • Teething. I got a molar this month and it was the worst teething pain I've had so far. 
  • Avocados. My Mom is always trying to get me on the avocado bandwagon, but I'm not having it. Get over it, Mom. 
This month I'm still working, but we left daycare and now Eva goes to a friend's house while I work. It's been such a wonderful blessing for me. She gets loved on and prayed over and cared for in a way that makes me feel so grateful for the community we have here in Jax. 

As we enter October and get ready to celebrate Eva's first birthday, I'm so amazed at how fast and how full this year has been. I'm constantly looking at our big, joyful girl and thinking back to when she was so tiny and I'm amazed at what we've learned about her and ourselves this year. 

Here's a little of what we've been up to this month: 

Helping me work. 

Eva wasn't crazy about daycare, but the ladies there were so sweet to her even though she did a lot of crying!

These flamingos at the hardware store were very intriguing to her. 

Eva lets Dad carry her like this and she loves it, but when I try she pulls my hair and whines to get down.

We took a little family trip to Tampa to try some breweries. Eva's been in more breweries before her first birthday than some people have ever been to!

We saw a Tampa Bay Rays game and Eva was less than enthused. 

She was all fun-ed out.

We lost a good friend here this month. RIP. 

A little Halloween costume shopping. I'm glad we live in a time when a waffle is a thing your child can be for Halloween.

We got to see the Packers play the Jags here and it was my first Packer game! Nothing like welcoming in football season in 100 degree weather! 

R was showing our buddy Ethan how to use the toys in the garage. 

Eva loved cruising around in her friend's new ride at a birthday party! 

Giving the team a pep talk. 

We had a checkup and she is healthy and thriving and tall! 

She loves hanging out in the fridge and gets sad when we close the door. 

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