Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ten months.

My favorite things:

  • Pulling up on errythang! I even climb Mom while she sits on the floor. 
  • Chatting and making new sounds. I like screeching and gurgling and just generally trying to see what crazy noises I can make while I figure out how to talk. 
  • My friends! I haven't always been the most social baby- I like to observe before I make any commitments. But lately I've been much more interested in other babies and even sharing toys and smiling and offering big, sloppy open mouth kisses!
My least favorite things:
  • When someone takes too long to feed me. I start in with the screeches when I have to wait for food!
  • When Mom leaves me at daycare. I always have a good time, but I hate seeing her walk away and cry every. single. time. 
We've had a lot going on over here. We celebrated Eva turning nine months in Wisconsin and spent some time getting into a new routine when we got back. I'm working temporarily, so Eva started day care and the best I can say is that she hates it a little less every day. She's so much more mobile now and getting into things all over the house. She's more social and chatty with us and she dances and claps.

It feels like almost every day of the last two months has been crammed full of work and events and dates and suddenly I looked down and someone replaced my little, fat, bald baby with a little girl whose wonderful personality is becoming more and more apparent every day. Nothing felt like more of a confirmation of that than my brother and his wife welcoming their baby girl into the world exactly nine months after Eva was born. Holding an hours hold, feather-light newborn and while my daughter sits eating cheez-its, it really sank in just how quickly it flies by. 

Here's a little of what we've been up to this month (and a little bit of last month too, because why not):
She did so well on the flight to Milwaukee! She even earned a pair of wings. 
With her Grandma Rita at her new baby cousin's island themed baby shower.
One of my favorite mama's in the world, my bestie Megan with her little man, Callum. 
Her first time at the coffee shop that started it all for her Mom and Dad!
Meeting her second cousin, who was so interested in helping her and being sweet to her. 
The only thing she liked better than the cat door at Nana's house were the cats that wanted nothing to do with her. 
Grandpa hung a swing in the backyard for her and she LOVED it! 
An Old Fashioned garnished with a cheese curd? The most Wisconsin drink this mama could get her hands on!
Callum teaching Eva all about the finer things; like chocolate ice cream. (In true toddler fashion, after she got a taste and wanted more, Callum looked at her seriously and said, "NO MORE BABY EVA." 
My mom and sister and I have a tradition of getting toe rings at the Wiscinsin State Fair and Eva got to join the tradtion this year! 
Callum and Eva. Best Friends 4 Lyfe. 
Auntie Melissa and Eva make a fine MKE duo.
Just chatting with Grandpa about things like nap time and Cheerios. 
If you're thinking of a good family dog, consider a Great Dane like my mom's puppy Kate. Gentle giant, indeed. 
However, a high chair is not so high for a Great Dane.
Playing on the playground on my old block that I grew up on. 
Just a little timeout with her Uncle Jon. 
In just a few months, it'll be time to welcome another bestie into the world; my oldest friend Erin's baby girl makes her debut this fall! 
Somehow we didn't get any pictures, but Eva got to spend some time with her two cousins, Cain and Noah. This is the aftermath of playing with her boy cousins...
Another day, another Old Fashioned. 
Meeting her brand new cousin, Ruth! 
Two days in the car on the drive home meant lots and lots of Brown Bear. Dare I say, too much Brown Bear? 
A stop in Memphis with Auntie Melissa and Uncle Jason. We weren't even in Memphis a whole hour before she was gnawing on a rib bone!
Back home and helping with chores...  
She'll be walking in no time! 
And finally, I'm lucky to have a sister who is a photographer and got some sweet shots of our bedtime routine, which is a part of the day I love (for lots of reasons!). This is one of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite moments as a Mama.
Photo credit: Yates Photography

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