Friday, July 1, 2016

eight months.

My favorite things:
  • Talking! I might look like Dad, but I can chat it up like my Mama. 
  • The zoo. Mom and I go alone or with friends almost once a week and we visit the baby animals and and then head home before it gets too hot. 
  • Dinner time. I like all the healthy purees my Mom makes, but pizza crust is my favorite. 
My least favorite things:
  • Not being able to scoot off the bed. I keep trying but Mom and Dad won't let me be the dare devil I know I can be! 
  • Getting strapped into my hot car seat. Ew. 
Every day of this month has felt like we're one teensy step closer to crawling. Which means my days of putting her down and being able to walk away of focus on a task are almost gone. Eva has also become so much more social in the last month, interacting more with other babies and kids and babbling much more, which I absolutely adore. It feels like each squeal and giggle is another little clue about her budding personality and I am so eager to get to know her! 

As for me, I have been much more intentional this month about being present. I try and sit down and play more, try to spend less time wishing time away and more time focusing on what's good about the stage we're in right now. It's not easy every day, but on the days when I can really stop and just soak up the sweetness, some serious magic happens. We've got lots of changes happening in the next few months, so it was a good thing to practice this month. 

Here's what we've been up to this month: 
  • She's as in love with Adele as I am. 

    Why would I play with these toys when I can play with a dirty shoe?

    Bath time in the kitchen sink is her favorite part of the day!

    Beau trying to teach Eva how to crawl. 

    The super chill morning crew. 

    Grocery shopping is my least favorite chore, but apparently Eva doesn't mind it at all. (She chewed on a bagged salad the whole time...: 

    These tigers are all about the photo ops. 

    Helping Dad organize. And by organize I mean chew on papers. 

    She fell asleep on my shoulder! A sweet first that has not been repeated since. 

    Balloons are nice, but balloon strings are where it's at. 

    Brunch with the gals! 

    This is her absolute favorite toy at the moment. She started out unsure, but now she whizzes around it and squeals like a wild child! 
    I really don't know why I spend a single dime on toys, though.... 

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