Tuesday, May 31, 2016

lucky number seven.

My favorite things:
  • The backyard. I love sitting on my blanket and watching Mom water plants and Beau play with his ball. It's nice and shady in the morning so we spend a lot of time out there before it gets hot. 
  • I like babbling and hearing how loud my voice can get and making raspberries on someone's shoulder. 
  • My baby gang! I've got some pals that I've known since I was about 2 1/2 months old and we get together for park dates almost weekly and they are my faves! 
My least favorite things: 
  • Teething. I'm working on my 6th tooth and it's the worst. 
  • Not being able to see Mom. As long as I have eyes on her, I'm happy.
Apparently no matter how much I wish it would slow down even just a little, the months are flying by and this little ham is getting bigger and bigger every day. Just a few months ago, she couldn't even hold her own head up and now she has teeth and eats real people food and she's a hop skip and a jump away from being mobile. I wished for time to move so quickly when she was a newborn because everything about her terrified me and I just wanted her to be big and self-sufficient. Now I'm wishing for time to slow down because I know the sweetness of the little baby phase is short lived and I'm finding I love it much more than I thought I would. 

This past month, I finally felt really comfortable in my role as a Mama. We tried new things and hit milestones and it didn't all feel like I was playing the role of 'new mother', pretending to know what I was doing. I actually kind of knew what I was doing! And when I didn't (and don't) which is about half the time, I felt comfortable shrugging and letting it go or making decisions that felt right for us. That might not seem noteworthy, but it's been a slow journey towards confidence in mothering for me, so it felt like a victorious month!

Here's what we've been up to this month:

Our backyard hangout. 

We frequent the zoo in the mornings when it's quiet and not too hot and we visit our faves. (Also there's a baby boom at our zoo: a baby giraffe, a baby tiger, and two baby gorillas!)

We hosted our Annual Derby Party and Eva was quite the hostess. 

The early morning wake up crew loving on their Mama.

...and Dad gets the evening shift of snuggles. 

I could watch this baby sleep all day. 

Eva grabbed this little lady off the shelf at Target and chewed off the tag, so we brought the little babe home. 

She's not the most natural first time mother... 

...but she's catching on. 

These two... Heart. Eyes. 

Mom discovered Snapchat this month! 

Now that she eats real food, Beau knows the best spot in the house. 

First time in a big pool! 
Eating cucumbers from the garden.

A behind the scenes shot of the monthly photo model and her BFF.

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