Friday, April 29, 2016

happy half birthday!

My favorite things:
  • My dog Beau! Even when all he does is stretch or scratch his ears, I think he's fascinating. He is starting to realize I'm not going anywhere and he's getting used to me, too.
  • Being on a sleep schedule! I never thought I'd like this, because I'm a baby and I don't know a lot about life, but once my parents laid down the law, I realized I'm a much happier baby when I have a bedtime and I take naps on schedule. Thanks Mom and Dad! 
  • When Dad comes home from work every day. He walks in and it just makes me smile!
My least favorite things:
  • I like having a regular sleeping schedule, but I wasn't such a fan of getting kicked out of Mom and Dad's room. 
This month has been such an exciting month of firsts for us! Eva had her first solid foods, slept in her own room for the first time, and perhaps the most exciting first, she learned to sit up all by herself! It's nice to set her down and not have to hold her and I think she's enjoying the new view. It feels like this month I finally had to admit she's not a tiny baby anymore. She's so inquisitive and social and she's always exhibiting new skills, which is making my head spin because I distinctly remember her being a newborn like one minute ago.

This month was a month of firsts for me, too. I had my first overnight away from my girl, my first freakout when she slept over five hours and I had to make sure she was still breathing, and my first time leaving her in the church nursery. It was a big month for everyone and I have a lot more thoughts to share in another post about how it feels like, after six months, I'm just starting to really feel comfortable in my Mama skin.

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to this month:

Helping Dad brew by holding on to the hops for him. 

Uncle Jon and Aunt Kelsey drove down from Wisconsin to meet heir niece. And drink Florida beer.

Sleeping in her crib instead of in our room. Hooray! 

She started rolling over and if I'm not watching closely, she rolls away!

She's a lot more into the swing than she was last month. 

First time putting her little toes into the Atlantic. 

Mama's first night away in Savannah with the girls!
Eva's first sweet kiss from her buddy Ethan. 

Apparently there was something more interesting than a huge giraffe standing right next to her. 

Solids with Grandma! She's tried sweet potato and avocado and I've also let her gnaw on a celery stalk because I'm lazy like that. 

These two give me heart eyes. 

We had a play date with Eva's Baby Gang and played in a kiddie pool for the first time. I think a kiddie pool may be a necessity with summer coming. 

A new contraption and she loves it! Even if she can only scoot backwards still...

Swings with Grandma. Eva was lucky to have lots of visitors this month and she got lots of Grandma and Grandpa snuggles!

Just chatting with Grandpa. 

I can't believe she can do so many  big girl things! Wasn't she just coming home from the hospital?!

The sweetest little budding friendship. 

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