Friday, March 4, 2016

four months.

My favorite things:

  • Talking to Mom starting from the moment I wake up. I like to discuss such important and pressing topics as the upcoming election, the Oscars, the worldwide bee colony crisis... just kidding. Mostly I make raspberries and blow spit bubbles, but "talking" is my favorite activity.
  • Smiling at Dad. Dad makes me smile all the time. I'm not always so sure about new people. I like to stare at them and figure them out before I warm up to quickly. But Dad? He's in my top two favorite people in the world so I give him the sweetest toothless grin every time I see him. 
  • Turning over. I'm not quite rolling, but I'm about halfway there and I love laying on my side and taking in the world from a new angle. 
My least favorite things:
  • Naps. Ugh, who has time for laying around in a crib? Lame. 
  • Diaper changes that take too long. If my parents lollygag too long with the diapers and the wipes and whatnot, I like to try and roll off the table. Keeps them on their toes. 
This month, we got to see more of our Eva's personality than ever before. This is one cheerful, content, easy to please baby. She is still happiest in our arms rather then in a bouncer or on the floor, but the last four months have flown by and I'm finally understanding what other parents keep telling us about how quickly they get big and how much we'll miss the little things about her being so small, so I'm throwing in the towel and just carrying her around while I can. I've had so many sweet little moments with her this month. She is silly and playful and watching her observe new things is fascinating to be a part of. These moments were what I craved in that first hard month and I feel like each one is deeply appreciated and treasured.  

And our parenting styles are starting to come out as well. R is ever calm and unshaken by a little crying and I can already see a quiet, gentle bond forming between he and Eva. She's calmer and more still and oh so smiley with him and it's different than the connection I have with her. I'm glad for Eva that her parents are so different and she gets to be loved from all angles. 

Here's what we've been up to this month:

This kid starts her day with a smile every. single. day. 

Oh just chatting it up with Sophie. 

Valentines with a sweet little baby hand print were a massive fail due to clenched little baby fists. 

Saved the day with a last minute game change and the Pinterest gods were satisfied. 

This is sometimes what I resort to to get a nap out of her. She loves her car seat so really it's win win for both of us. 

The only thing better than Facetiming your best friends is when your babies start Facetiming. This is Eva's best buddy Callum. 

Beau is warming up to Eva more and more. I'm not sure what this means in dog world, but it seems like a good sign. 

Her signature halfway roll. She can't be bothered to roll all the way... 

Just two blue eyed Sconnies reppin' their home state. 

First trip to Sephora! 


Our second night out since Eva was born was for a friends wedding and it felt so nice to get dressed up and be with adults and not have to carry anyone all night!

First distillery tour! She better get used to these kinds of activities...

It was a happy month for everyone! 

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