Tuesday, February 16, 2016

happy 29th birthday!

Happy birthday to my husband!

This will be the 13th year I've celebrated your birthday with you. When we were first dating, I bought you a Steely Dan CD from Sam Goody because you mentioned (one time) liking one of their songs. Back then I had to listen closely to everything you said to know your likes and dislikes and glean your interests. You teased me years later about that CD, admitting you'd never even opened it, because you didn't really like Steely Dan that much. We hardly knew each other. We were kids and we hardly knew ourselves.

Thirteen birthdays later and I don't need to listen so closely because you and I have grown together like the trunks of two old trees. Nothing is more familiar to me, outside of my own skin, than the feel of your hand in mine and the sound of your voice. I know your stories and your history and your family has become my family.

Now you embark on the last year of your twenties, that sweet decade of childhood and adulthood all rolled into one. When you entered your twenties, we were in college and long distance and we had not lived much life. Now, you are a husband and a father. There have been births and deaths. There have been career changes, and deployments, and moving trucks, and new cities, and new friends. And this final year of your twenties is a year full of change and new adventures.

This year, more than ever, I am grateful that our branches have grown together because after thirteen birthdays, you are my home. You are my roots and you are my new growth.

Today I celebrate you and I will spend the day feeling immensely grateful to a good God, saying thank you that you were born and that you are who you are and that you came into my life thirteen birthdays ago.

Happy birthday!

A selfie from one my favorite trips ever.

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