Friday, January 8, 2016

two months.

My favorite things: 
  • Bath time! I am completely amazed by the warm water and bubbles and it instantly puts me in a cheerful, observant mood. And my Mom likes cleaning out all the mysterious lint that I collect in my fingers and toes. (Seriously, file "lint collection" under Things No One Talks About When You Have A Baby. Gross.)
  • My new activity gym. I went to Lowes with Dad to get the supplies and he made it for me and my little toys never fail to make me smile!
  • Falling asleep then waking up right when Mom starts a task or tries to nap. I'm even waking up now since I can hear her starting this blog post! Ha! 
My least favorite things:
  • Middle of the night diaper changes. 
  • I still don't like being set down. 
The first month of new parenthood was all about getting my bearings. I couldn't tell my up from down. Most of the first month felt like an uphill climb and I'm just glad to have made it through to the other side. This second month has been all about connecting with my little lady. I have more to say on this matter, but I'll just sum it up for now and say that the blissful mama/baby bonding that I thought was magically bestowed upon new moms when they first held their babies has not come easily for me and it surprised and scared me. Maybe for some parents, the feeling is immediate and it runs deep, but that was not the case for me. 

Instead, I've been experiencing it slowly, over the course of the past two months. I feel like I've been getting to know Eva and she's been getting to know me and this past month we decided we liked each other after all. What can I say? I would expect any child of mine to have a discerning palate when it comes to befriending new people and I suppose I'm no exception.

But this month, in precious moments and through bright smiles, I'm falling deeply in love with this little person and even starting to like my new life with all it's tough adjustments. I'm thankful for a healthy, happy baby who is growing in personality every day and bringing me along for the ride. 

Cheers to two months! Here's a little of what we've been up to this month:

R made her an activity gym and she loves it! And I love that it cost about $10!

Her first stocking from her favorite Auntie Megan! 

Helping me wrap presents. And not judging while I drink wine before 5pm. 

Spending time with Grandpa. Love!

Getting everything ready for bath time. You might be noticing a wine trend...

Auntie Melissa and Uncle Jason are making sure Beau knows he hasn't been forgotten. That dog is such a ham. 

I have approximately 100 sleeping baby photos. Is there anything sweeter?

Helping Auntie Melissa get ready for a girls night out. 

Just a girl and her Dad, hanging out, watching the game. 

She loves being carried in the Moby wrap. And I love having my hands free to do other things. Like take selfies. 

Sunny days in December call for walks around the neighborhood. 

Coffee date at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop, Vagabond Coffee Co. 


  1. So cute!! I'm so happy for you and hope I can meet her soon!

  2. I can not wait to meet her!!!! This post made me even more excited for my trip.