Friday, January 1, 2016

the sweet and sound.

Happy New Year! And welcome to the new blog! 

If you've been reading since the beginning, you know this blog has grown and changed a bit since the first post. I've loved the journey of blogging so much and I wanted to give the blog a new name and a new look that would evolve with us. 

The name comes from lyrics from our wedding song, 'Somersault' by Zero 7. Here's the bit that inspired me:

You put my feet back on the ground
Did you know you brought me around
You were sweet and you were sound
You saved me

I love this song and I love these words because it puts to music how I feel about my little family. I couldn't have known how true this song would feel when we danced to it in front of our friends and family six years ago. We've moved four times in our short marriage and we're getting ready for another soon.  We've been far from our hometown and our families and we've even spent a lot of time far from each other. We put down and pull up roots with every move and we feel a little like vagabonds as we face new unknowns with every new chapter. And becoming a new mama has shifted the ground beneath my feet. Every new day with Eva is a like a constant evolution of myself as I grow into the new skin of parenthood. All the changes and chapters has the potential to leave me feeling disoriented. 

But my husband, and now my daughter, are my home. Where they are is where I feel safe and grounded and whole. 

So, as our lives continue to change and as we put down and pull up roots again and as I grow as a wife and a mother, I wanted to give my corner for the internet a name that felt lasting. The Sweet and Sound is named for my family and for the rich relationships that last chapter after chapter. 

As we head into a new year full of new and scary and exhilarating change, I'm staking a little land over here to make sense of it all. Thank you for reading along and letting me share my heart with you!



  1. I love, love everything about this! Even though the design is gorgeous and the name is adorable, the best part is that reading this blog makes you feel less far away. Love you, my sweet, kind, wonderful, smart, beautiful friend! My life is so much better with you in it.

    1. Thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement!