Friday, December 4, 2015

one month down.

My favorite things:
  • Sleeping all curled up on someone's chest. 
  • Car rides. 
  • Watching football with Dad. At least I think I'm watching football. I honestly have no idea what I'm looking at, but it's bright and it moves and I like that. 
  • It's a tie between waiting until my Mom has got me all dressed and then pooping my diaper or waiting until my parents have got all comfy in bed, then spitting my paci out and crying. These are my two favorite pastimes.  
My least favorite things: 
  • Going more than two hours without a meal. 
  • Being set down.
Eva is one month old! We're celebrating with a beer because one month ago, I was sure I'd made a terrible mistake and I was sure that delivering a baby and then attempting to keep that baby alive would be the death of me. But it wasn't! I'm still here, R and I are still married, and our kid is still alive and thriving! Success all around! 

It's been a life changing month to say the least. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed every minute of it. A month ago I thought motherhood would sweep over me in the moments after delivery, those flushed and exhausted moments when I got to hold my baby for the first time and I'd look at R and we'd look at our daughter and we'd be different because now we were parents. That's not quite how the fairy tale went. Mostly I spent the first week in a kind of exhuastion I did not know was humanely possible. I basically cried as much as my baby did and I spent long hours in the dark of night wondering why I thought having a kid was a good idea. 

Then I started being able to function on less sleep and I showered and actually went out in the sunshine and things started looking up. 

And now, one month later, I'm starting to feel like a mom. I don't freak out when she cries. I can nurse her in public without completely stressing out. I can still have intelligent conversations on only a few measly hours of sleep. I don't have it all figured out by any means, but each day, I find that I learn something new about Eva and something new about myself and I feel a little more confident to take on the next day. 

So here's to one month of parenting and one month of life for our sweet Eva! Here's a little bit of what we've been up to this month: 

First family selfie!

Her first outing was to a homebrew competition! She wore an Intuition Brewery onesie that says "Assistant Brewer" over the pocket. She was a huge hit with the brewer crowd! 

Her second outing was to Mom's favorite place in the world...

Baby's first brunch!

A pedi with Mom and Nana. 
She dressed up in her best turkey outfit for a Thanksgiving with lots of love around the table.

She also dressed appropriately to root for her favorite team! 

Meeting Grandma and Grandpa for the very first time!

Getting all the love and attention from Auntie Andrea and Uncle Brad. 

Snuggling with her big brother. Hearts in my eyes! 

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