Friday, December 18, 2015

just google it.

There is nothing like being a new parent to show you how little you know. And there is nothing like the one two punch of sleep deprivation and the neediness of a newborn to make every new inquiry feel like the most important conundrum. Which is why my Google search bar is getting the workout of it's life right now. Pretty much since the day after Eva was born, every time I'm perplexed anew, I pick up my trusty phone and look to the magic of the interwebs to solve the newest mystery. 

I am thankful that the collective knowledge of moms and dads from across the globe can be accessed from my couch at 3am and I make full use of it. There is no concern too silly, no query too odd, no question too obvious for the internet. The relief I feel when I start to type my question into that search bar and I see that someone, somewhere has asked the same thing is a wonderful feeling. 

And it's a good thing, because I Google everything lately. Here are some of my actual searches from the last seven weeks. These are Google searches made in all manner of desperation and confusion at all hours of the day and night. 

Is it normal for baby to need to be held 24/7?
Spoiler alert: Yes.

Does Starbucks deliver in Jacksonville 
Spoiler alert: No. 

Will my baby ever space out feedings?

Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding?
When I discovered that the answer was yes, it led to the next search...

Irish twins pros and cons
...which led to the next search...

Birth control while breastfeeding

There's also a few odd searches, because let's face it, babies are perplexing.
Umbilical cord stump whats normal
How to clean breast milk from clothes
How to clean breast milk from couch 
Baby screams when I put lotion on
Winnie the pooh themed wedding 
(I can't explain this last one. I guess I was just curious in the middle of the night if this was something people did. Spoiler alert: It is.)

And searches that are entirely more practical.
Okay to drink coffee and breastfeed
Okay to drink wine and breastfeed
How many glasses of wine 

The internet has a lot of helpful tips, but sometimes the best advice is from the people I trust most. 

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  1. Love it! Can you imagine what our parents did without the internet? It seriously brings my respect of them to a whole new level.