Monday, October 19, 2015

if you take a pregnant girl to target.

If you take a pregnant girl to Target, she's going to walk in and right away she's going to see the Starbucks and she's going to need a latte for the hard work ahead. And nothing makes her more happy than a Pumpkin Spice Latte while she roams the brightly lit aisles of the Happiest Place on Earth. 

Once she has her latte in hand, she'll head for the workout section, because she came to Target just for a pair of leggings to wear once the baby comes. Just a pair of leggings and then she'll go. 

She'll head to the workout section, but on the way, she'll see the home decor and remember that the nursery really needs a little love. I mean, how can she possibly raise a child in a  room with no decorations? She might pick up a few things to hang on the walls. 

When she thinks of the nursery, she'll remember she still needs to wash and organize all the baby's clothes and she needs a laundry basket for that. 

While she's imagining doing all that adorable new little baby laundry, she'll decide she should probably take a swing past the baby clothes just to see what's new since the last time she was in...

Once she's in the baby section, time will seem to stop and all sense of reason will cease because omigosh how cute is chambray for baby?! 

She'll decide that as long as she's here, she'll just take a stroll up each aisle and see what things she still needs. Then she'll realize the basket she is carrying will simply not hold all the things she absolutely needs and she'll go find a cart. 

On her way to find a cart, she'll get distracted by the Halloween decorations and she'll want to get things to carve a pumpkin! 

Once she gets the things she needs to carve a pumpkin for some fall fun, she'll look down at her belly and remember the big pumpkin growing inside her, getting ready to make her debut, and she'll decide she should probably pick up a few things to put in her hospital bag. 

Once she's in the health section she'll get completely overwhelmed and anxious by looking at nipple cream and tucks pads, so she'll just grab some witch hazel and hightail it out of there before she has a panic attack thinking about where she's going to need to put that witch hazel... 

Her quick retreat will lead her to the nail polishes, and she'll probably want to pick out a fun color to paint her nails and maybe a foot soak for her swollen feet to ease her troubles. 

Thinking about rest and relaxation before the baby comes will remind her that she should probably grab some comfy clothes for after baby arrives and that will remind her that she actually came to Target for a pair of leggings! 

She'll head over to the workout section, but just as she's making her way over there, she'll realize how tired she's getting from all this shopping. 

And she'll probably need another latte...