Sunday, July 12, 2015

six months down.

Today I'm six months pregnant! Our little lady is as long as an ear of corn and has some pretty exciting milestones this week, including increased brain function and auditory senses. Six months feels like such an exciting milestone because that third trimester, and eventually baby's birthday, finally seem like they're in sight! So I thought I'd do a little pregnancy milestone marker and record some of what this pregnancy has been like so far. I'll start with those questions that I seem to get every time someone catches a glimpse of my growing belly...

Due date? November 1st

Do we have a name? Not yet. We didn't get too attached to any names before we knew what gender we were having and now that we know she's a girl, we're taking the naming process pretty seriously. We've got a few top contenders, but we're keeping quiet about them for now.

Any cravings or aversions? So far, I'd say ice cream has been my biggest craving. I am not much of an ice cream eater, I much prefer something baked if I'm craving something sweet, but coffee ice cream and Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough have been a pretty serious issue for me. Lately, I'm also craving all things hot dogs. I bought cocktail wienies for pigs in a blanket, corn dogs, and actual hot dogs all in one shopping trip last week and didn't realize it until I got home. I think that's probably not a good craving, seeing as hot dogs are frowned upon for pregnant ladies (or really in general if we're being honest) but they just taste so good! As far as aversions, I've noticed that burgers, which I devoured in my first month, have sounded terrible to me ever since. 

Any weight gain? I recently discovered that our home scale is off by about 4 lbs, so I can't be sure, but I think I'm somewhere around 10lbs heavier than than my pre-pregnancy weight. Yesterday was the first day that I noticed that those pounds might not just be in my belly because I pulled on a pair of shorts only to find they were reeeeeal tight in the booty. Sad face.

Stretch marks? None yet, but I do have a prominent linea negra (the line that runs halfway down your belly) under my belly button. Been slathering on argan oil and while I don't think it makes a difference for stretch marks, it does make me feel like some ancient goddess to be all fragrant and oiled up and that's good for morale. 

Feeling moody? Thankfully some of the factors that come together to make a very moody mama have been in my favor. R is supportive and encouraging, we are slowly and surely ticking items off the to-do list and saving money as best we can, and work isn't too taxing on my body or my emotions, so for the most part, I have been a pretty happy camper. I'm also very thankful to have a pregnancy that, so far, has gone by as smoothly as I could have possibly hoped. That's not to say I haven't had my moments. The tears are definitely a lot closer to the surface these days for things that didn't use to phase me. I watched a trailer for the movie Max, about a military service dog who loses his handler, and got pretty choked up about that. I cried at work after talking to a man who was making a counseling appointment for his young niece, who has been through hell, because I was so touched that there were good men out there taking care of the little girls in their lives. I also got choked up because I had a bowl of Lucky Charms and then headed to bed early and I was just so overcome by how happy an early bedtime and sugary cereal makes me. True story. I've also had a few moments of sheer irrational panic that seem to rush in and freak me out then rush out as quickly as they came. I walked past a Victoria's Secret at the mall the other day and suddenly I realized that our little girl, our perfect child that we made and that we adore even before we've met her, is going to look at the body of a lingerie model and then look at her own body, and may feel somehow inadequate. And all the injustice and unfairness of trying to raise a woman in a sea of sexualized and oppressive messages overwhelmed me and I regretted ever thinking for one minute that I could possibly be equipped to parent a child. And I spun out for a minute or so, then took a deep breath and came back to reality where I reminded myself that I will do the very best I can to cross those bridges when I get to them. I only have that conversation with myself about three times a week or so. That's normal, right? 

How is Dad doing? Aside from avoiding assembling our Ikea dresser for the nursery like the plague, (who can blame him?) R has been an eager and excited father-to-be! I think the initial shock of knowing he would be joined by another girl has begun to wear off. He is a guys guy through and through and rather than embracing the gold sparkles and tulle that are certainly in his near future, he's looking into ways little hands can help brew and how soon is too soon to teach her how to use a power drill. I think she will be a wonderfully balanced kid with a Dad like him.  

Looking forward to anything? I am looking forward to flying home to Milwaukee for my shower in early August! I can't wait to see friends and family I haven't seen in a while and ooh and ahh over teeny little onesies and dresses. I also just so happened to have planned my trip for the same week as the Wisconsin State Fair! What a coincidence! I plan on introducing this little lady to all the delicacies of her motherland in all their fried glory!

I'm going to celebrate this six month milestone with an at home pedicure (one of my last I think, as this growing belly is not going to lend itself to toenail painting much longer) and a virgin Moscow Mule! I'll leave you with this picture of a certain big brother to be in our nursery in progress. 

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