Monday, March 3, 2014

twenty eight.

I turned 28 last week. 

It was a very low key day and from the outside looking in, you might think it was the most ordinary birthday around. But I felt very special and very much loved all day. 

I woke up to a sweet kiss and a whispered "Happy Birthday" from the one voice I never get tired of hearing whispered to me in the morning. 

I went to work, at a job I really love, and smiling faces popped into my office all day long to wish me a happy day, ask about my evenings plans, and even insist on buying me drinks after work. (To which, in 28 years, I have almost never said no to). 

My phone buzzed and dinged all day with texts from the people I love the most. My girlfriends, sprinkled all over the country and my family, sending me love from icy Milwaukee. Facebook wishes poured in all day, and each little mention, from a person I might not have seen in years or from people I've been missing dearly, made me smile. 

My coworkers sang to me and we shared cake and a card signed by everyone read, "You are a bright spot in the office!" We had drinks and I drove home with the windows down, which is a wonderful luxury in February and birthday present in itself. There were fresh flowers and a sushi date waiting for me when I got home.

I spent the day feeling loved and appreciated and valued. I think I'm lucky enough to have friends and family and a husband who make me feel that way a lot, but when it comes pouring in all day long, I just can't help but think I am the luckiest girl in the world. 

I think that's a great way to start my 28th year. 

And as I drove home with the windows down that evening, I thought that I would like to spend this year making those same people feel just as loved and valued and appreciated. Because if you're reading this and you are in my life and you are one of those people, (you know who you are) well, guess what? 

You are the best thing about my life. 

You girlfriends sprinkled around the country and you family sending me love all the way from the frozen tundra and you coworkers, past and present, who make me feel like a bright spot in the office, and especially, you early morning whisperer whose voice I never get tired of waking up to? You are the ones who got me through 27. The tough year. The long year. 

And you are the reason I'm celebrating 28. The new year. 

Thanks for all the birthday love, this year and every year. 

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