Monday, December 9, 2013

pulling up roots.

The movers packed up our life this week and we've been spending the weekend scrubbing and sweeping our house. My hands smell like bleach and my arms feel like noodles after cleaning every nook and cranny that has collected dust over the past two and a half years. 

I had a lot of time to think while I was on my hands and knees wiping down the baseboards and do you want to know what I think? 

I think goodbyes are the worst. 

I've said a lot of goodbyes this week. To my coworkers, to my boss, to my dog sitter. All people who I have really grown to love. And each one was tough. 

The especially tough goodbyes were to my Navy friends, though. 

The girls I met here are good people. Seriously good. Like 'pour you another glass of wine and curl up with you on her couch when your husband is gone' good. Or 'give you homecoming advice because homecomings are sometimes awkward and she's been there done that' good... 'become like family because your family is a million miles away and so is hers and there is nothing like needing someone and she is there' good. See what I mean? Legit girls. 

And they're good at goodbyes. Because that's what we do in the Navy. We put down roots and then we pick up and move. And this time, those legit good people I met made it really easy to put down roots. and feel like I was home.  

Pulling up roots is the worst. 

Tonight, as we pack up our car and hand in the keys to our house and check out of the squadron, I am feeling the painful tug of almost three years of roots being yanked up as I say goodbye. 

And tomorrow, we'll do it all over again. We'll set off early in the morning for Jacksonville and a new home and new friends that we haven't even met yet and new couches to curl up on (and, because we're lucky, some old friends who we have met and some couches we already feel very comfortable on) and we'll unpack our life and put down roots all over again. And it's an adventure and it's bittersweet and today it sucks because saying good bye and pulling up roots are the worst. 

But saying hello and starting over again isn't so bad. 

So long, Virginia Beach. 

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