Saturday, November 23, 2013

and they call it puppy love.

Sometimes Beau goes to the dog sitter's. 

Our dog sitter is named Kay and she is the sweetest person I have ever met. At Grandma Kay's, as she calls her home, she treats every dog like they are her own. The dogs can run around in her beautiful backyard garden and lay in the cool liriope plants on hot days. If they stay overnight, the pups are allowed to sleep with Kay in bed and she gladly snuggles up with three or four big dogs sometimes. Beau loves it there. As soon as we make the turn on to her street, he knows where we are and can't wait to get out and greet everyone. 

But the real reason Beau loves going to Kay's is for Bonnie. 

Kay has two Collies, Bonnie and Chesley, pictured above. All the other dogs love Bonnie, too. Kay jokes that she has her suitors; there's Halsey, the white Golden Retriever and Beauregard, the tiny designer breed, who, even at only ten pounds, tries to guard her from all the other big dogs. There's a Weimaraner, a Boxer, and a hound mix that love her, too. She the most popular Collie around. 

But she loves Beau. 

When we get into the gate, Beau runs past all the other dogs and finds Bonnie first. They wrestle and play all day, chasing each other around the garden, rolling each other in the dirt. She even hides on the other side of their pool and when Beau breaks the rules and runs across the pool cover to find her and gets yelled at, she comes out of hiding to take the heat with him. They share rope toys and bones and finally, when they're all tired out, they make sure to fall asleep right next to each other. 

It's really the sweetest romance you've ever seen. Kay, with all her warmth and hospitality, is one of the people I am going to miss the most when we move and I know Beau will be missing his sweet Bonnie as well. 

Lucky for Beau, however, his best buddy isn't deploying any time soon, so he'll have someone to console him when he's missing his girl. 

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