Wednesday, October 9, 2013

good choice.

This was the very first picture R and I took together. It was right after we started dating in our Junior year of high school. He asked someone else out to homecoming by writing her a note in study hall. She declined because she already had a date, but suggested he ask me. He asked me, secretly hoping she would cancel with her date.

She didn't, he took me, and when it came time for the dance, we decided to go to a coffee shop instead.

It was the first of a lot of good choices.

During that first date on a rainy October night, sitting in the coffee shop on Lake Michigan that became the backdrop for a million more dates, we talked about all the things that 17 year old kids talk about; where we were applying to college, our families, what we wanted to do with our futures. We talked for two and a half hours over Dreamsicle smoothies and I knew I liked him immediately. 

Another good choice. 

That was ten years ago this week. Now, on a similarly rainy October night, I'm sitting in a house filled with pictures and memories collected from a decade of sharing my life with that boy. A decade!

Starting with the choice to become an "official" couple way back when that picture was taken, we've been making choices about our relationship and the people we are together. We don't have it all figured out, not by a long shot, but ten years and a decade of growing up has helped us make a few good choices along the way. 

We choose to put God first. Because we know if we didn't have Jesus setting the example of grace and forgiveness in our relationship, the two of us would have wound up in jail by now. 

We choose to put each other first. We love our families and we love our friends, but we are each other's most important priority. We stick up for each other and we cheer each other on no matter what. 

We choose not to take ourselves too seriously. Life is short. We choose to laugh, to relax, not to get too caught up in the drama. (R usually chooses this first and then I see how well it works for him and I catch on.) 

We choose travel over stuff. His car has no air conditioning and we don't have cable and our couches have holes that the dog chewed into them. But we've been on more road trips than I can count. Traveling is our favorite kind of date. (Not that there is anything wrong with choosing stuff. Hey, I want to come sit on your nice couch and watch cable, so someone has to choose stuff!) 

We choose to take the advice of couples who have been doing this longer than we have. We know we are a long way from having it figured out and we are glad to soak up the wisdom of people who have been there, done that. 

We don't always make all the right choices but we try our best, we employ heaping doses of grace, and in the end, we try to stay friends. It seems to have been working our for us for the past decade.

This is the most recent picture of us, taken a few weeks ago at a baseball game, a million miles from those two kids on the couch.

This man is the best choice I have ever made. 

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  1. I love you guys! And I really hope we can get a reunion trip on the books for 2014! We don't have cable either ... HuluPlus all the way!