Sunday, September 8, 2013

that's what saturdays are for.

I love Saturdays. They are my favorite day of the week. Saturdays are for sleeping in and drinking coffee late into the morning in my pajamas and being in no rush to get things done. 

Saturdays are taking pictures of Beau. (Because that's just what my phone needs, is more pictures of Beau...) 

Saturdays are for long bike rides. 

Saturdays are for bottling my first batch of beer. In two more Saturdays, it'll be time for drinking them! 

Saturdays are for afternoon naps and reading in bed and snuggling with my two favorite brown haired boys. 

Saturdays are for beer tasting. 

And Sundays? Sundays are for Packer football now! And blogging about Saturdays. 

Hope your weekend was wonderful! 

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