Monday, September 16, 2013

making our next move.

I admit, I left you all with a bit of a teaser in my last post. It's because I love teasers and also because a post about where we're moving next just couldn't share a post with news about my typo at work and a puppy in a hot dog bun. Too many important topics in one post.

So I saved the news for this post. 

R got orders to his new duty station a few months ago, but I wanted to keep it under wraps until we were pretty sure it wouldn't change. Because things in the Navy change a lot. We military spouses have a pretty hardy, "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude when it comes to orders, deployment dates, and all kinds of other fun things. So I waited and I waited and now I'm knocking on wood and writing this post to tell you all that we're headed to... Jacksonville, Florida! 

Once upon a time we lived in Florida before we moved here. But that was the Panhandle, and no offense, but I'm pretty pumped no to be going back there. (Oh let's be real, here. I keep telling people we're moving to the cooler half of Florida. I mean, can you blame me?) 

Anyway, we're headed down south to the land of the palms in a couple months and I'm experiencing a serious case of bittersweetness. One the one had, I've made life long friends here and the people I work with and the spouses from our current squadron have become like a little family to me, and I am going to miss our lives here so much. On the other hand though, we have old friends in Jacksonville that we can't wait to live near again and Jax is a very cool city with a very cool vibe. It's a happy predicament to have made a home in one place and to be looking forward to making a home in the next. 

If you've been reading along with me from the very beginning, this will be the third move since I started blogging. (Also if you've been reading along with me since the beginning, you get all the gold stars for staying interested in my ramblings this long!) Stay tuned as we wrap up our Virginia days and head off into the Florida sunshine for our next adventure! 


  1. well that will make a purdue rotc reunion easy! looks like josh and i need to plan a visit to jax for 2014!

    1. YES!! That would be perfect! I really hope we can make that happen because it's been way too long!