Thursday, September 12, 2013

a peachful week.

Here are some things about my week. In no particular order. 

Here is my ridiculous typo at work today. I'm making an activity manual for our scripture based software. The phrases in bold are statements about who we are in Christ. I'm not really sure who I am in Christ anymore.  

I have a husband who loves me so much he brings me a glass of wine without me even asking while I sit here and peruse Pinterest like an absolute bum and he doesn't even judge me. (He does however roll his eyes when I text him the awesome hilarious pictures that I find, like this.) 

(He walked past while I was writing this post and saw this picture and rolled his eyes again. He may have even sighed an exasperated sigh as well. Whatevs. I'm at peach with my Pinterest addiction.) 

I have anxiety over changes. I don't like changes. At all. When I was little my parents had to bribe me to even change my underwear. I would lie and told them I already had, but I had those tattletale 'days of the week' undies and by Wednesday, my Sunday undies were calling my bluff. (Also I was a gross kid. A gross kid who just couldn't handle changes.) The good news is that I have grown to love certain kinds of changes, like changing my underwear. The bad news is I haven't embraced all types of change, like moving to a new city and finding a new job and leaving all the friends I've made here. More on that new city and those new changes in a later post. (Don't you just love a cliffhanger!?)

Some of my close friends are entering the pregnancy and new mama world. It's wild to think that I'm finally at the age where my friends having babies is not a scandal worthy of an MTV show. It's like, normal now. Also they're buying houses. What is happening, people!? But these are happy changes, so I'm okay with them. Also, as a side note, I have officially jumped the divide from "Ugh! No one wants to see pictures of your slobbery baby on Facebook!" to "Yassss! More pictures of babies on Facebook! OH HELLO INSTAGRAM!" So if you're reading this and you have a baby/toddler and also you're my friend on Facebook, please know that there is no such things as too many pictures of your baby. Unless they are digging in their nose. On second thought, especially if they are digging in their nose. 

These are just little tidbits of the things that make up my life this week. 

Here, on your way out, have a picture of my dog, who is far too existential to be placed inside of a hot dog bun.  

Thanks for reading. Peach be with you all. 

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