Monday, September 16, 2013

making our next move.

I admit, I left you all with a bit of a teaser in my last post. It's because I love teasers and also because a post about where we're moving next just couldn't share a post with news about my typo at work and a puppy in a hot dog bun. Too many important topics in one post.

So I saved the news for this post. 

R got orders to his new duty station a few months ago, but I wanted to keep it under wraps until we were pretty sure it wouldn't change. Because things in the Navy change a lot. We military spouses have a pretty hardy, "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude when it comes to orders, deployment dates, and all kinds of other fun things. So I waited and I waited and now I'm knocking on wood and writing this post to tell you all that we're headed to... Jacksonville, Florida! 

Once upon a time we lived in Florida before we moved here. But that was the Panhandle, and no offense, but I'm pretty pumped no to be going back there. (Oh let's be real, here. I keep telling people we're moving to the cooler half of Florida. I mean, can you blame me?) 

Anyway, we're headed down south to the land of the palms in a couple months and I'm experiencing a serious case of bittersweetness. One the one had, I've made life long friends here and the people I work with and the spouses from our current squadron have become like a little family to me, and I am going to miss our lives here so much. On the other hand though, we have old friends in Jacksonville that we can't wait to live near again and Jax is a very cool city with a very cool vibe. It's a happy predicament to have made a home in one place and to be looking forward to making a home in the next. 

If you've been reading along with me from the very beginning, this will be the third move since I started blogging. (Also if you've been reading along with me since the beginning, you get all the gold stars for staying interested in my ramblings this long!) Stay tuned as we wrap up our Virginia days and head off into the Florida sunshine for our next adventure! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

a peachful week.

Here are some things about my week. In no particular order. 

Here is my ridiculous typo at work today. I'm making an activity manual for our scripture based software. The phrases in bold are statements about who we are in Christ. I'm not really sure who I am in Christ anymore.  

I have a husband who loves me so much he brings me a glass of wine without me even asking while I sit here and peruse Pinterest like an absolute bum and he doesn't even judge me. (He does however roll his eyes when I text him the awesome hilarious pictures that I find, like this.) 

(He walked past while I was writing this post and saw this picture and rolled his eyes again. He may have even sighed an exasperated sigh as well. Whatevs. I'm at peach with my Pinterest addiction.) 

I have anxiety over changes. I don't like changes. At all. When I was little my parents had to bribe me to even change my underwear. I would lie and told them I already had, but I had those tattletale 'days of the week' undies and by Wednesday, my Sunday undies were calling my bluff. (Also I was a gross kid. A gross kid who just couldn't handle changes.) The good news is that I have grown to love certain kinds of changes, like changing my underwear. The bad news is I haven't embraced all types of change, like moving to a new city and finding a new job and leaving all the friends I've made here. More on that new city and those new changes in a later post. (Don't you just love a cliffhanger!?)

Some of my close friends are entering the pregnancy and new mama world. It's wild to think that I'm finally at the age where my friends having babies is not a scandal worthy of an MTV show. It's like, normal now. Also they're buying houses. What is happening, people!? But these are happy changes, so I'm okay with them. Also, as a side note, I have officially jumped the divide from "Ugh! No one wants to see pictures of your slobbery baby on Facebook!" to "Yassss! More pictures of babies on Facebook! OH HELLO INSTAGRAM!" So if you're reading this and you have a baby/toddler and also you're my friend on Facebook, please know that there is no such things as too many pictures of your baby. Unless they are digging in their nose. On second thought, especially if they are digging in their nose. 

These are just little tidbits of the things that make up my life this week. 

Here, on your way out, have a picture of my dog, who is far too existential to be placed inside of a hot dog bun.  

Thanks for reading. Peach be with you all. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

that's what saturdays are for.

I love Saturdays. They are my favorite day of the week. Saturdays are for sleeping in and drinking coffee late into the morning in my pajamas and being in no rush to get things done. 

Saturdays are taking pictures of Beau. (Because that's just what my phone needs, is more pictures of Beau...) 

Saturdays are for long bike rides. 

Saturdays are for bottling my first batch of beer. In two more Saturdays, it'll be time for drinking them! 

Saturdays are for afternoon naps and reading in bed and snuggling with my two favorite brown haired boys. 

Saturdays are for beer tasting. 

And Sundays? Sundays are for Packer football now! And blogging about Saturdays. 

Hope your weekend was wonderful! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

so the story goes.

I have long been enamored by stories. I love stories from the past. I soak up my family stories. These are the stories of immigrants and housewives, divorces and births, stories that make up my family's history, the roots that start deep and lead up to me. I love hearing a funny story, an adventure story, a love story. My friend's and my family's stories are where I get to experience their worlds; the world of traveling through Europe or being in the Navy or becoming a new mother, through the eyes of the people I love the most. Lately, I've even loved the sad stories. The stories that pour out of people who have also buried someone they love or seen grief up close are becoming some of my favorite kinds of stories. I love hearing a good story and I love telling a good story. I've even decided recently that I'd rather call myself a storyteller than a writer. Writing takes work and practice and discipline. But storytelling? That comes as easy to me as breathing.  Lately this love has been growing in me, stirring into something that feels important.

I think there is power in sharing our stories. It's where we meet and laugh and cry and heal and we are reassured that we are not alone in thinking or feeling the way we do. It's where we get to experience awe and wonder in a world where awe and wonder are sometimes hard to come by. It’s where we connect in community, where we strip away some of the put-togetherness and get down to some of the realness.  And somehow I can't seem to shake the notion that this is big. Telling the stories is a big, important thing.

I'm working on a project, something that I'll keep under wraps until it becomes a little clearer to me exactly what it is. But I'll give you this clue: it has to do with telling stories. And while I work out what this project will look like, I figured this might be a good place to practice telling some stories. I suppose that's what I do already, I tell stories of homecomings and home brewing and stories about a Chocolate Lab. But I think there are bigger stories swirling around inside me; stories of grieving and family and marriage and growing up, stories about the world around me. Don't worry, there will still be stories of that Chocolate Lab, but if I seem a little more nostalgic or a little more sentimental, it's because I can't ignore the stories that keep swelling up inside me.

Thanks for reading along as I tell my story.