Wednesday, July 10, 2013


One week ago I drove out the the pier to meet a big grey boat and bring my husband home with me. Because it was our first deployment, and because it was extra long and difficult, and because I love beautiful pictures, I hired a photographer through an awesome service called Welcome Them Home, where local photographers offer greatly reduced or even sometimes free homecoming sessions for military families. I found the lovely Tianna from T.Y. Photography, who is a Navy wife herself and pretty much the sweetest person ever. 

Because I hadn't been the homecoming in December, this was my very first time seeing a ship pull in. It was pretty impressive and full of excitement and emotion. There are all these cool traditions like manning the rails and a big huge lei that adorns the ship's bow, made by the family support groups. My favorite tradition is that some of the first people allowed to get off the boat are the new dads who haven't met their babies yet. Swoon! They're even allowed off before the captain and top brass are off. It was so sweet to stand waiting for R and see all these handsome sailors and their excited wives, walking back to their cars, holding pudgy legs and teeny little hands that they've never held before and beaming ear to ear. If you need a good, patriotic cry, just head over to your nearest military homecoming and watch a new dad meet his baby. 

After the new dads and people who won the "First Kiss" and "First Hug" raffles, the officers can start walking off. And that's when I started getting butterflies!

To set the scene, Tianna suggested we wait somewhere away from the crowds a bit so she could get some good shots. I stood there making nervous chatter, doing a double take at every sailor over six foot and my stomach doing a little flip each time it wasn't my sailor. The buzz of excitement is just contagious as you're standing waiting. I'm midway through some distracted story about the weather or some nonsense, my eyes scanning the crowd, when I catch the eye of the most handsome man and he's walking towards us. 

I have said before that I am a complete sucker for a man in uniform. But right then, against the backdrop of that giant grey ship and looking crisp in dress whites, my breath literally caught in my throat for a moment and I wondered if I could really be married to that handsome sailor walking towards me. Or maybe I thought that just now when I was looking through these pictures. Or, no, maybe it was this morning when I woke up next to him. I suspect it was all these times because that guy is so easy on the eyes sometimes I have to stop and marvel at my very good fortune. Le sigh. 

Anyone who has spent any time away from their best friend knows how good those first, sweetly familiar hugs are. 

We took a few posed shots, you know, something tame to put on the mantel, then R wanted to book it out of there. Apparently ten months on that boat really makes a guy appreciate the way it looks in the rear view mirror. I was all too happy to oblige. 

And in the week that has followed, there has been some of this:

And a lot of this:

And some of this, which makes me very happy indeed:


And now that he's home, all is well again with the sailor, his girl, and their dog. 

[Homecoming photo credits, again, to the charming Tianna from T.Y. Photography! So glad she captured our happy day!] 

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  1. yay!! Excited for you and so glad you have your hubby home at last! :) Thanks for sharing your fun pics! So great.