Monday, June 10, 2013

most likely to get me through deployment.

This weekend, my little tiny baby brother, eight years my junior and a good six inches taller than me, who I used to snuggle and watch Winnie the Pooh, who used to wear footie pajamas and have the *most precious* downy curls, graduated high school. And in addition to this achievement, he also got voted "Everybody's Crush" by his senior class in the yearbook. 

That got me thinking about senior picks. And the awards I wish I could give out in real life. And since this deployment is coming to an end (FINALLY!!) I thought I might give out my own, self proclaimed "cruise picks". Because why not? I mentioned in a previous post that this topic could take up it's own post. So, here's to a few of the pretty much awesome ladies that got me through the last ten months and preceding workups. Consider this your reward for all the long phone chats and glasses of wine. Cue the Pomp and Circumstance! 

Most Likely To Pull Me Out Of  A Funk: My Sister Melissa
My sister and I share the freaky sister-y wavelength that acts like a Bat signal to let each other know when the other is in distress. She calls at all the best times. She lets me swear gratuitously when I'm mad and doesn't judge my trucker mouth. She texts me misheard Beyonce lyrics which make me laugh in a way that almost nothing else does. My sister is unconditionally there for me and, maybe with the exception of that one time I had food poisoning, I always feel better after spending time with her, even on the phone. She's also a supremely patient woman who inspires me to be a better person... but if I never get there, I know she'll still like me. 

Most Likely To Talk About Anything Other Than This God Forsaken Deployment: My BFF's Katy and Megan
My two best friends from high school are pretty interesting people whose lives I like to hear about. Megan is pregnant with her first baby and she and her husband are generally a pretty enviously hip couple. And Katy is a pastry chef who lives in Brooklyn and always has lots of interesting sotries about weirdos on the subway. They do the hard work of making sure I don't forget that life exists outside of deployment and the Navy. They listen to me whine for the requisite amount of time that friends are required to listen to whining, then they change the subject and talk about themselves and they pretty much keep it real. Which I need and appreciate. I think everyone should have a Katy and a Megan. 

Most Likely to Let Me Whine WAAAAY Past The Requisite Amount Of Time: My Best Friend Erin
I like to think Erin was my friend before I was really even a real person. We've been friends since the tender age of 12, and she's pretty much been listening to me whine about my life ever since. (Are you seeing a trend here with my friends? I'm a whiner and they are kick ass for listening to me.) I think I hit my quota sometime around 2001, but she's a pretty great friend for letting me keep going. She's let me cry/yell/overanalyze/whine/bitch my way through this deployment and I will be buying her drinks for years to make up for it. 

Best Jesus With Tennis Shoes: My First Navy Friend Kristen
This term comes from something I read somewhere about being the kind of Christian who embodies Christ in a real life way. And I've experienced that with my sweet friend Kristen, who can share a bottle of wine or two and also doesn't judge my trucker mouth and in the same breath speak compassion and grace into my life in a way that is nothing short of refreshing. She's been a special kind of Christian community for me since we met way back in Pensacola, praying for me and making me laugh and helping me see that church can happen in living rooms through tears and with a glass of Merlot in hand. I'm lucky to know her.

Best Reminder Of Home and Least Likely To Be Rid Of Me Anytime Soon: My Homegirl Kristine
Have you ever met someone and tried to play it cool that you really wanted to be friend's with them? Yea. When I first met Kristine at our current duty station and found out she grew up 10 minutes from me and is a Wisconsin girl through and through, I tried to hide how much I wanted her to be my new best friend. Somehow I got lucky and weaseled my way into her life and now I hope she knows she's stuck with me for-evs. She has the best Wisconsin accent and she loves the Packers and Leinie's beer and pretty much she reminds me of home, which is a priceless commodity when you're shuffling around the country like a transient. Also our husbands were deployed together which gives her a special advantage in knowing exactly how to be there for me. She's been a life saver. 

Best All Around: My Mama
My Mom is the real deal. In addition to the fact that she discovered emoji's and sends me the most ridiculous texts, she also shoots real straight and she's a good friend. She sort of embodies a little of each of these other wonderful girls all in one wonderful Mama package. And sometimes she sends me homemade gingersnaps from WI just because she knows they're my fave. I couldn't get through a lot of life without her and this deployment is no exception. 

I am so excited to be in the final countdown and finally be done with this chapter of our lives. I have appreciated these girls so much in helping me get through the past year, but I'm really looking forward to being married again! Almost there! 

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