Monday, April 8, 2013

altar call.

On Sunday morning I had church on the beach. 

It was the first warm day in a while and the sun and sweet breeze lured me out. In a season of pain where everything is changing and nothing seems as it was, my heart has been longing for something unchanging and constant. Yesterday morning, the ebb and tide of waves that never cease were the cure. My heart has always felt at home near water. As I sat and marveled at the bigness of the Atlantic Ocean and the smallness of me, I whispered grief soaked prayers into the breeze and let the salt air heal me. I lifted up petitions for my family and laid them there in the cold sand, at the feet of El Roi, the God Who Sees

Once in a while its good for me to venture out of the church of four walls and into the sanctuary that He created. 

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