Sunday, February 17, 2013

two little men on a sunday night.

My big brother Brad, of trampoline and backyard shooting range fame moved from Mississippi to Virginia Beach last fall. That makes me pretty happy because I love my brother and because I love his sweet boys, Noah and Cain, and I get to see them a lot more often now. We had them over tonight and I thought it was a great excuse to bust out the fancy DSLR camera I got R for Christmas and take a few pics of my two favorite little men. 

They are watching Cain's absolute favorite video, Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet. Parents, is there a word for that toy or book or video that is your magic "calm down" trick? Because whatever that word is, that is what Johnny Fedora is to Cain. 

Uncle R and Noah in the middle of an intense game of Super Mario Brothers checkers. Noah does his best strategic checkers planning while perched on the coffee table. 

They had to put up with Cain swiping a few checkers to chew on. 

I just love that little face. He was very curious about the big camera. Unfortunately  big cameras are not made for little hands and he wasn't too thrilled to be denied a new toy. 

What night is complete without your Aunt teaching you how to do yoga moves? That's right, these two little yogi's are perfecting their shoulder stands. Namaste. 

After being in the military a few years, it's been really wonderful to live close to family and feel a little bit like how normal people do, getting to see my nephews all the time. It makes me very thankful and very happy. 

And it certainly makes my Sunday night a little more interesting. 

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