Friday, February 15, 2013


There's something you should know about me. You should know that I love hashtags. I just think they're hip and cool and all the kids are using them. I don't have a Twitter or Instagram, but I do sometimes use them in text messages. #ThatsStillCoolRight?

Probably not, but that's okay. It turns out that I'm getting old and there are things that I don't understand about what the kids do. Like when to use hashtags. And also girls who wear messy ponytails at the tippy tops of their heads and sweatpants in public.  Come on now. You look like you should be getting ready for bed not shopping at Target. But that's just me. 

Just because I don't understand hashtags and just because I have no social media platform to   use them doesn't mean I can't use them. And one way the kids are using them is on Instagram for #ThrowbackThursdays and #FlashbackFridays. At least I think they do. 
#ICouldBeMakingThisUpEntirely #TheKidsDontTellMeAnythingTheseDays

(Referring to anyone younger than me "the kids" makes me sound way older than I am. #OhWell.)

Either way, I love the idea of Flashback Fridays and I have lots of pictures of both R and I from various cute/awkward stages of our life with some good stories to tell. So enjoy my #FlashbackFridays.

Starting with these two kids. We were 17 and on a road trip with my parents.. We were absolute experts at love and relationships after being together almost a whole year at this point, which is like pretty long term for kids. This was the summer before our senior year and we discussed that probably a long distance relationship would be futile once we went to colleges in different states. I mean, hardly anyone stays together after high school and, come on, no one stays together over distance. 

Ten years later and almost half of that spent in different cities and over hundreds of miles of apart and we're still crazy about each other. 


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