Monday, February 25, 2013

calendar girls

Well, my honey is back out on that fabulous cruise liner they call an aircraft carrier. (Too soon for cruise ship jokes?) This goodbye wasn't quite as brutal as the last one. I think that's because it's a bit shorter this time around. And also because he was barely home long enough to settle in. And let's be real, it's also because I'm a boss at deployments now. 

One of the things our spouses group does to support our troops is that every month we make a calendar for them to hang up in the ready room on the boat. This is a long standing spouses group tradition and it's a good excuse to get together once a month and drink wine and catch up. My spouses group is pretty much the best ever, which makes it even more fun.  And when we can't make them dinner or give them a back rub after a long day, it's a little something we can do for our spouses to help brighten up their otherwise grey surroundings. Literally.

I somehow found myself heading up the calendar committee at the beginning of deployment so, if I can brag for one small un-humble moment, I actually made all the calendars for this cruise. (Who knew I had such talent for felt and hot glue?) How it works is we'd pick a theme, I made the calendar, then everyone made individual squares with their pictures on them. Our fabulous XO's wife compiles them and sends them out to the boat where her husband unveils them on the first of each month. We also contacted families and girlfriends of some of our single guys, so it really becomes a nice little thing to look forward to. 

So without further ado, here is the 2012 Squadron Calendar Lineup! 

June was Bon Voyage as they departed. The nautical flags spelled out a message. If you're bored, feel free to kill a few minutes decoding it. 

July was a superhero theme for our heroes. 

August was a play on "the Sandbox," which is where they would be during that month. 

September was my favorite. It was a football theme, made on a piece of Astroturf that I spray painted, The calendar came complete with pennants that each of us made for our sailors with their favorite teams that they hung around the ready room. 

October was Halloween. And yes, those are felt spiderwebs. See why I feel like I need to brag just a teeny bit?

November was a really cool month too. We had all the family and friends we could possibly get in touch with write something they were thankful for for their sailor on a paper leaf, which we would have them hang around the ready room as well. We got almost two hundred leaves back from parents, cousins, grandparents, neighbors, even niece and nephews who hand wrote in scrawly, adorable kid writing. It was a really cool turnout.

December was decked out with a Christmas tree with aviation themed decorations (and yes, a mustache, too) and working lights around the border! 

We thought we'd have a few more to do, but them we got the call that they were coming home early. We have resumed our calendar making for round two of this cruise and I will be happy to share them once we're all done. 

In fact, we're working on April this week, so I'd better bust our the felt and glue sticks...

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