Monday, January 14, 2013

just another manic monday.

Tonight is a boring Monday night. 

R is in his office downloading obscure indie music and reading craft beer reviews. 

I am in the living room, studying the Greek alphabet for my new class. 

Beau is doing what he normally does, which is a whole lot of nothing. 

None of this seems blog worthy, but actually it is. Because after six long months of boring Monday nights all by myself, now I can have boring Monday nights with R. And for R, after six long months of actually working really hard on Monday nights, now he can sit on the computer and do a whole lot of nothing. With me and Beau, of course. 

Mostly tonight is noteworthy because it's nights like these that I missed more than anything while he was gone. It's the nights like these that were the hardest. It's a wonderful night because my husband is down the hall instead of around the world and that gives me a whole new appreciation for boring Monday nights. 

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