Sunday, January 27, 2013

get by with a little help from my friends.

Last weekend, we took a little trip down to Jacksonville to visit some college friends. There is nothing like a weekend of gorgeous, sunny, 70 degree weather in the middle of January to help shake the winter blues. And a weekend of much needed warm sunshine plus the company of old friends was the perfect combination. 

Our friends Eric and Natalie have a dog, Max, who gets along great with Beau, so of course he came along for the weekend. Natalie told us about a great dog park they go to so we took the  pups. This place was not your average dog park. It was the posh country club of dog parks! There were acres of wooded trails, a huge field for throwing ball, a clean little lake for swimming, a separate dock for diving, a sand pit for the diggers, even little sectioned off areas for puppies and little dogs. We were was impressed. 

So was Beau, who's first and second favorite things in life are playing ball and playing ball in the water. It was also nice that he had his buddy Max at his side the whole time. I mean really, dog friends are near the top on my list of things that make me smile. 

We also brought along R's fancy new Christmas present, his Cannon Rebel T3 and got a chance to play with it a little. There were TONS of ball chasing action shots and close ups of slobbering tongues, but I'll spare you those and just show you two of my faves. 

It was a fabulous weekend filled with tired pups, good beer, and great friends. We've known Eric since he and R met during the first week of Freshman Orientation in ROTC. They were roommates throughout school, best men in each other weddings, and they've traversed the country together climbing mountains and scaling rock walls and tasting lots and lots of craft beer. 

We've met lots of great people in the Navy and continue to make awesome friends, but there is something so wonderfully comforting about spending time with friends who knew you back when. Laughing over wild college nights and remembering engagements and weddings, teasing each other about embarrassing moments and catching up on mutual friends has a way of making me feel like we're not that far from home after all. 

And it's just the cherry on top that our dogs are BFF's. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

just another manic monday.

Tonight is a boring Monday night. 

R is in his office downloading obscure indie music and reading craft beer reviews. 

I am in the living room, studying the Greek alphabet for my new class. 

Beau is doing what he normally does, which is a whole lot of nothing. 

None of this seems blog worthy, but actually it is. Because after six long months of boring Monday nights all by myself, now I can have boring Monday nights with R. And for R, after six long months of actually working really hard on Monday nights, now he can sit on the computer and do a whole lot of nothing. With me and Beau, of course. 

Mostly tonight is noteworthy because it's nights like these that I missed more than anything while he was gone. It's the nights like these that were the hardest. It's a wonderful night because my husband is down the hall instead of around the world and that gives me a whole new appreciation for boring Monday nights. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

happy new year!

Happy New Year! 

That's right, it's 2013 and a lot has happened since my last post. 

A lot. 

There was a little school here and a little work there. Lots of family and a few holidays.  Then there was this unexpected early homecoming of a certain sailor...

That's right! The day before Thanksgiving, I got a phone call from the boat and a familiar voice said, "Surprise, honey! We're going to be home before Christmas!" Then my life pretty much turned into a blur of preparations and final exams and traveling to Wisconsin and waiting very impatiently for my honey to meet me in Milwaukee. 

Six months apart came to a quiet and sweet end at the airport in Milwaukee and we've been pretty much inseparable ever since. He will be headed back out in a few weeks to finish off this deployment (for four MORE months. Yuck.) but in the meantime I am enjoying all the time we have together. 

I hope this is a sufficient excuse for two months of falling off the blogging grid. There is still so  much to say about the swirl of events that has been the last two months and lots to say about the coming months. And, in the spirit of the New Year and new beginnings, I am resolving to make a blogging schedule and stick to it. 

We have a lot to catch up on.