Thursday, July 26, 2012

supermarket sweep.

I make it no mystery that I don't eat very well. It's one of my three flaws. I am an inattentive driver, I can't spell 'necessary' without spell check, and I have a diet that would make a teenage boy scowl. 

I never said I was perfect. 

Usually, I'm just fine with my poor eating habits. I like to think that I'm just appreciating vegetables, not taking them for granted like everyone else does. When I eat a salad, it's a happy reunion instead of just a routine lunch. It's like they always say, "Absence from the produce isle makes the heart grow fonder."

They always say that, right? Right. 

Well, today, I went to the grocery store for a quick run and I made the rookie mistake of going on an empty stomach. I headed in telling myself, "Just eggs and milk and maybe a little sumpin' sumpin' from the ice cream treats section..." Then I walked past the lunch meats and my stomach started to growl. "Ugh, forget the eggs, I need something I can make as soon as I get home. I'll grab something quick and easy." Then I passed the Doritos and I started to lose all sense of reason. Suddenly my hands were grabbing things off the shelf all I could hear was my own voice whispering, "Ohhh! That looks good!" and I was seeing spots and I just needed to hurry up and get out of there. 

Then I came home to unpack my bags and this is what I saw:

Actually, that's not entirely true. There was Gatorade, and about three packs of Babybel mini cheeses, too, but those items didn't make it out of the parking lot due to my completely irrational fear of a starvation induced loss of consciousness. 

I feel so ashamed. I'm going to need something to take the edge off. 

Good thing I got those Klondikes. 

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