Saturday, July 14, 2012

it came and went.

The much anticipated, dreaded deployment day arrived and passed and it appears as if I'm doing okay. Whew. 

The weeks leading up to the big goodbye were pretty difficult. I was on a bizarre roller coaster of emotions. I think I knew I needed to get a handle on things when I started to cry in the toiletries section at Walmart because he was buying nine months worth of deodorant and it sank in that he was really leaving. 

But we managed to say goodbye and I promptly hopped in the car and headed West to Milwaukee and distracted myself with family, friends, and food for two and half wonderful weeks. (More on that later.) 

And now I'm back in Virginia, getting back into my routine, and getting used to a quiet house for a while. The best part about traveling and seeing friends and family is that I looked at the calendar today and realized we're almost done with the first month! 

One down and eight to go! 

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