Wednesday, March 21, 2012

iphone pictures that i love, round two.

There isn't a whole lot going on around here since R is out again for a workup. 

Everybody, say it with me, "Booooo for workups!" 

Okay, that's better. So, because there isn't much to report here on the home front, I thought I'd bring share some more iPhone pictures that I love. This happens pretty infrequently because I update my phone pretty infrequently, and when I do it's a like a treasure trove of photos that I forgot were there! 

I found this sitting out ready for R to take it with him to work one morning. His cover and two nasty generic granola bars. Just the essentials.

This little tip was in a "Everything Labrador Retrievers" book. I think this explains a lot of things. 

This is a church near my office... gets me in the mood for some football. 

This is our dry erase board shopping list. R wrote "jelly". I added my thoughts. If you get this joke right away, then I think it's pretty clear why we're friends. If you don't, go ahead and YouTube the song, "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child and you can laugh with me. I laughed for days about this. R just shook his head.

This is clear indicator of how opposites attract. This is our minute usage on our phone bill. I'm going to go ahead and let you guess whose phone is the top line and whose is the bottom.

And finally, because my phone has more pictures of Beau than almost anything else, here's a picture of what Beau does when I block him out of the kitchen so I can sweep and mop. He sits there the entire time watching the broom and mop go back and forth and giving me sad, "I just want to help..." eyes. He also tries to jump on the bed when I'm making it, but I'm usually to annoyed to stop and take a picture.

Looking forward to blogging about some projects I'm getting ready to take on around the house. Turns out deployments and workups fly by when you fill your every waking moment with projects. And Hulu.

Until next time!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I bet you thought I stopped blogging. Well, surprise! I was just hard at work on my new makeover! You see, I decided that I needed to be a little more hush-hush about what I was saying about R's work. That seemed hard to do when I was blogging about it all the time. So I went back into the archives and made a few changes (like no longer using his full name, as I'm sure you've noticed). Then I realized I had to change the title and address in order to get away with that, so, voila! I'm unveiling the new and more OpSec (Operational Security, as we say in the biz) friendly blog! 

So, I won't use R's first name or give any specifics about his job, just that he's in the Navy. If you know us in "real life", you already know all the good stuff anyway. I just figured with this deployment coming up, I am going to want to vent/regale you with all my deployment adventures, and I want to do that in a way that keeps R's professional privacy safe. 

With that said, I think you can be expecting a lot more posts out of me. (Lucky you!) I think my spotty blogging before was due to not knowing what I could or could not say. But now that I'm just married to a capital letter, and after he briefed me on all the do's and don'ts, I'm ready to type til my little fingers fall off!  So I hope you enjoy the new changes, and be sure to forward the new address along! 

Until next time!