Wednesday, January 18, 2012

why i can't work from home.

8:12am- Get an email saying the meeting I was going into work for at 11am has been canceled. Debate what I need to do today and realize it can all be done from my computer at home. Turn phone on silent, go back to sleep. 

10:46am- Avoid Beau's judging eyes as I finally roll out of bed. 

11:31am- After I get dressed and make the bed for appearances sake, I finally sit down at the kitchen table with all my materials to get started. 

11:34- Realize I might need some coffee. Get up to make some. Get distracted by my messy cabinets and write a quick to-do list for this weekend.

11:45am- Coffee is made, to-do list done, now it's time to hit the grind. 

11:46am- Check my non-work email just for good measure. Delete a Facebook notification. Oh, that reminds me, I wanted to Facebook stalk someone really quick. 

12:08pm- Finally decide to quit messing around and get to work. Get up to get some more coffee. Aw, Beau looks bored. Go get him the chew toy I bought last weekend. Ohmygosh, he looks so cute chewing on his new toy! R definitely needs a picture of this.

12:19pm-While sending pictures to R, I remember that I forgot to put the Pinterest app on my phone the other day. Let me just do it really quick or I'll forget again. I won't even open the app once it's on...

12:50pm- Okay, I should have seen that coming. Put phone away, get fresh cup of coffee and focus!

1:13- Super jittery from all that coffee. Need a break. Check some of the blogs I follow. That reminds me, I haven't written a post in a while....

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  1. Sounds exactly like my day ... every day. Haha. I am the WORST at working from home!