Monday, January 30, 2012

postcards from beau.

With R gone (but coming home this week, hooray!) I have been texting him pictures like crazy to help make me feel a teeny bit less far away. I'm lucky he's so patient, because really, no one wants to get texts all day saying things like, "Look at this funny license plate!" and "Here's what I ate for lunch. Stay tuned for dinner! XOXO!" Alas, he is a good man, so he puts up with me. 

Mostly though, I send him pictures of Beau. Because we're crazy dog parents and we think our little chocolate dog is pretty much the cutest thing on Earth. I realized today that I have about 50 pictures on my phone, and I thought I'd share just a few of the good ones. Because if you are one of my three and half readers, there's a good chance think my dog is pretty cute, too. Rest assured there is a lot more where this came from, so be glad I'm only giving you a sampling...

Playing ball at the park near our house is Beau's favorite activity in the whole wide world. This has become our almost daily routine because the winter weather here is pretty much a huge joke. 

I have a pretty awesome job and a completely awesome boss who lets me bring Beau in to work with me. He pretty much chills right next to my desk all day and he is very friendly to anyone who comes in. It's such a blessing considering Beau's separation issues and the fact that R will be gone most of the year. It calms my doggy mom nerves to have him there. Did I mention I have an awesome boss?

This was taken last week in the parking lot outside work. I locked my keys in my car and had to wait for the locksmith and the whole time that mean little kitty taunted Beau by sitting there licking himself on the other side of the fence. As soon at Beau would lose interest, the cat would get up and walk around a little, just to keep things interesting. It drove Beau crazy.

Beau's second favorite place in the whole wide world: the beach. I took him yesterday morning, again because it's pretend winter here, and tried throwing him the ball, but the waves were just way more exciting to run and jump on. Unfortunately for me, so was a dead seagull...

Can you even resist a dog that snuggles like this? I'm not really sure how I ever lived without that sweet chocolate dog. He's good company while I'm all alone.

I am so excited for R to come home this week and eager to see what Beau does when he realizes his buddy is back! We've both missed him a lot this month and I'm sure R will be glad when the texts slow down a bit... until it's time to tell him what I ate for breakfast.


  1. Awwww Bo Bo!!!
    Just love that little Bambie <3

  2. Precious! As a crazy dog mother myself, I appreciate your post. It's great that your boss lets Beau come to work with you!

  3. That makes me so happy Beau gets to go to work with you..very cool boss! So glad to see pictures..and his cousin (Billy) who is sitting right beside me enjoys them too. We are both blessed with lap dog..yep 50 plus pound lap dogs. I love you both