Friday, December 30, 2011

the year of the shrug.

We're one day away from one of my favorite holidays, New Year's! I am a total sucker for the promise of a new year, a blank canvas just waiting for all my resolutions and goals. And a time where I can look back and reflect on the last year. And my, what a year it's been...

2011 was the Year of the Shrug. We started out January already shrugging at the unknown; R out of flight school, but not reassigned to a new job. In fact, we didn't even know if he would stay in the Navy. We would get asked what he was doing next and we could only answer with a shrug. We spent lots of nights laying in bed quietly discussing the what-ifs. It was a season of very little answers and a lot of looking up to God and shrugging, knowing He had a plan and asking only that he continue to provide for us. 

Then in February, R found out he would be re-designated. We found out our new home would be in Virginia Beach and set off in May to our next chapter. 

I shrugged when I was asked what kind of work I'd be looking for in Va Beach. 2010 was the year of being still and unemployed in Pensacola, so I was dreading the process of applications, interviews, and rejections I imagined ahead. With a shrug and a why not, I sent my resume to a Navy spouse I'd met years ago at Purdue who worked in non-profit, just to see if she had any contacts or advice. One lunch date later, I landed a job at her friend's organization as the executive assistant. Now I was shrugging in disbelief at how good God was to provide me with a perfectly suited job so quickly.

For a while we shrugged when we were asked where we we go after R's school, but thankfully they assigned jobs halfway through the course and we found out we'd be staying right here. That meant that for the first time since we've been married, we will get to live in a place longer than one year. So we celebrated our semi-permanent status with a dog named Beau! And then we spent a lot of time shrugging and trying to figure out why he was chewing everything in our house, including the house itself. (As a side note, he is doing much better these days. We figured out that the trick is tons of exercise before we leave the house.) 

Now we're heading into 2012, a year of deployments and being separated, and there is still a lot of unknown ahead of us. But 2011 taught us that not knowing what's ahead showed us in no small way how great God's plans are for both of our lives. It was an awesome year of new places, new jobs, new friends, and especially a renewed trust in our Father who loves us.

I hope your New Year's is wonderful and I'll see you next year!

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