Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sister act.

We have had a wonderful past two weeks.

First there was Halloween. 

R was the wonderful, long haired Mr. Matthews and I was a spy. We probably could have done a better job coordinating our costumes, but we only had about 2 hours notice to throw them together. Turns out we have all that stuff just laying around... We went out that night with quite the cast of characters. We met up with Audrey Hepburn, Che Guevara, Rosie the Riveter and Waldo to name a few. R even ran into his arch-nemesis Troy Polamalu!

Then that weekend, R graduated his school! Now he's official and I pretty much can't tell you anything about what he does. I probably shouldn't have even told you about his Halloween costume. He took a little time off and tomorrow is his first day at his new squadron. And no, he does not want to bring cupcakes for everyone. I already asked... The good news is he will probably get off some time for the holidays. The bad news is, despite my efforts,  they are still sending him on deployment. (I swear, if he would just let me bake them some cupcakes, I could convince them!)

Last week my sister Melissa and her hubs, Jason flew out to visit us. Which was a blast. You see, when Melissa and I get together, we get a little crazy. And we embarrass our husbands. And that just makes us laugh. And it eggs us on. It's a vicious cycle.

We went to the USS Wisconsin, an old battleship that is on display in Norfolk. Needless to say, The Sisters got bored quick and had to make their own fun. 

We walked ahead of the boys, who were going so slow since they were actually reading stuff! We found some costumes laying around and we put them on, then stood there acting like mannequins, waiting for the guys to see us. Well, they were going really slow, because we got a lot of strange/disapproving looks from other museum patrons before our boys finally turned the corner and saw us. And yes, they gave us a disapproving look, too. 

We behaved ourselves at the Williamsburg Winery tasting though. We did not however at the Williamsburg Ale Werks tour. The Sisters got bored with the tour and told the boys we were going to sit in the car until the tasting part. Instead we snuck right into the tasting room and got a private tasting from the nice brewery girl! Imagine the boys faces when they walked in with the rest of the group and we were already there! (More disapproving looks...) 

We had a great visit with them, even despite all the disapproving looks. Those boys know their lives would be so boring without these Sisters to spice it up!

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