Sunday, November 27, 2011

deck the halls.

Happy December!  Christmas decorating is like one of those milestone season changers that I just love, like the first day in spring when you open up the windows, or that first fall evening when you need an extra blanket. The other day, we put on some Vince Guaraldi holiday music, made some adult hot cider and put up our little tree. I thought I would share with you our favorite ornaments to get the blog in the holiday spirit! 

We had a little family craft night and Beau made his own ornament! I'm not sure if we could be any more ridiculous as dog parents, but I'm sure we'll keep trying. 

 Every year, my parents get an ornament with our whole family on it. Then we started getting married, and now they give us an ornament with our little families on them. 

I got this one as a gift because of my love of baking. And eating....

Purdue Pete brings a little Boiler Maker pride to our Christmas tree.

One of our first ornaments the year we got married. 

 Of course, what would our Christmas tree be without a little Packer love? I usually find these on sale in Milwaukee the day after Christmas, so I'm hoping to add more for next year's tree. 

Another gift when we first go married. What a personal tree! 

 And a picture of the stockings, hung by the fireplace with care! I've never had a fireplace, so I was pretty excited to hang the stockings. And yes, there is one for the dog... 

We're so looking forward to driving home for Christmas this year. Everyone will get to meet our little Beau and hopefully we'll get to  enjoy a white Christmas!

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  1. We have the same doggie ornament for our eldest beagle. We need to make a new one for our little guy. :0) So don't worry, you aren't the only doggie parents in the doggie nut house. We are right next door!