Wednesday, October 19, 2011

world's best dog.

I'm Beau. And I am the World's Best Dog. You might have a dog, so you might be thinking, "He's cute, but he's not the World's Best Dog. My dog is the World's Best Dog." But let me ask you this... Can your dog write blog posts? Didn't think so. And if you have a cat, well, I mean, do we really even have to talk about that?

But really, I am the World's Best Dog! My Mom and Dad love me so much. And I love them. I love them so much, that sometimes I can't wait until the sun comes up to kiss Mom on the face. And I know that Dad has to get up early for work, so I try and do him a favor every day and get him up before his alarm goes off. They love it!

And since I wanted to make a good impression when they first took me home, I showed them what a helpful little gardener I can be. Now they can plant flowers all over the back yard instead of just in a flower bed in the front!

Ooh, and check this out. I know my Mom and Dad don't want to spend a bunch of money on dog toys, so I just try and be thrifty and chew on stuff that's just laying around the house anyway.

Like this couch. Silly Mom and Dad, look at that old bone they bought for me. I'm glad I showed them how much money they could save by just letting me chew on the couch. Look at all those mini-toys I made! I even chewed on the coffee table to, to show them there was tons of stuff around the house I could chew. They'll never have to buy me another toy again! (They don't seem to be getting the message. They keep getting more toys...)

But I'm not just a good budgeting dog, I'm also a good listener. They're always talking about their "Dream House". I hear them say stuff like, "When we build our dream house, we're building a wrap around porch and a pool table that turns into a hot tub..." and stuff like that. Well, when they kept putting me in that boring old laundry room with no furniture to chew, I had a lot of time to think. I got to thinking, if my Mom and Dad want to remodel, I'm gonna help them!

So I did! I started by digging and chewing on that old linoleum. Then I got down to the concrete and started on the molding and the door frame. See what I'm saying about me being helpful? Well, when Dad got home he yelled, "Oh thanks, Beau! I can't wait to remodel our rented house!" I couldn't believe how excited he was! Mom seemed more sad. Maybe I should've gone for the porch right away.

Aren't you wishing you had a good dog like me?

Well, my Mom and Dad sure are glad they have me. They know how much I love playing catch so they take me out to the beach and play catch with me for so long that I can barely run! I heard Dad say he's running me ragged. I'm so tired I can't even stay awake on the ride back home, much less chew on my Couch Toy.

But I won't be so sleepy tomorrow morning when it's time for Mom's morning kisses!

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  1. Wow! You do have the worlds best still in shock. Oh idea i bet he is lonely get a friend for him ...or maybe he can go to doggy daycare :) Oh Beau I know you are cousins and all but I just dont know if Im gonna let Billy play with you.