Wednesday, October 26, 2011

things i do when my husband is gone.

R is gone this week on a field trip. Apparently, this is not a 'take your pillow case to the pumpkin patch' kid of trip. I actually have no idea what he's doing. You all think I'm just being coy when I say I don't know what it is he does , but hen I asked him what he could tell me about this trip all he said was, "I'll be back by Friday."

Anyway, I thought I'd be all sad and mopey and lonely while he was gone. Granted, I have been talking to the dog a little bit much, but otherwise it's been kind of nice to have the house to myself. Some of the things I get to indulge in include, but are not limited to:

  • Catching up on "my stories." We don't have a TV and my computer is super slow. So when R's not around, I get all comfy in his office and plop down in front of his computer to Hulu my night away. I'm also able to watch Grey's Anatomy free of any judgment and comments like, "Oh my gosh, that is so unrealistic! They would never do that in a real hospital!"
  • Eating. Whatever. I. Want. It's not like R is some kind of health nut, it's just that I prefer to enjoy my dinner of Girl Scout cookies and wine without a side of patronization. I have made it no mystery that I eat like a 15 year old boy, and my sweet husband knew this going in, yet I still find myself defending the fact that, yes, I ate the whole box of Bagel Bites. When I'm alone, all I hear is the sound of my own conscience assuring me that, ooh!, Nutella would make these cookies better!
  • Hogging the bed. I sleep like a starfish when R's gone just because I can. And if I get the sudden urge to kick off all the covers and toss and turn just to get comfy, there is no one to disturb.
  • I get to listen to my jams. Every wife makes her concessions. Some wives let their husbands go hunt, others put up with cigar smoking. I let mine dominate the car and the house speakers with his music. When he leaves, Beyonce and Adele go on repeat and they don't come off til I say so.
But it's not all fun and games. I get a little wigged out in the house alone at night. And it would be nice if someone else could let Beau out when he has to go to the bathroom at 4am.

And don't tell him this, but I'm actually getting really hungry for some real food...

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