Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a dog, a sailor, and a video star.

I pinky swear I haven't forgotten about blogging. It's just that I have been one busy little bee lately. Let's see, here's what's been exciting in our lives these days, (in no particular order):

Beau, the Packer loving Chocolate Lab, has two personalities. One is cuddly and sweet and all, "Let's play catch and let me curl up next to your feet!" and the other is naughty and likes to chew on everything the minute we leave the house. This is getting slightly better day by day (knock on chewed up wood), but I will save the details (and photographic evidence) for a later post when it isn't such a sore subject.

R only has one more month of school and then he's done! It's a good thing too, cause he has been studying like crazy. Hooray for only one more month! Then he's off to his squadron where he'll be learning the ropes from the Officer he's replacing. While I'm excited for this month to be over, it just means we're another month closer to his deployment next year. Again, more on that later when I can discuss that without losing it. Last weekend, we did get the chance to tour the aircraft carrier that R will be on. That big 'ol boat is where he will be spending 6 wonderful months, so it was cool to see it up close. Even if it does make me want to cry a little.

As for me, I had an exciting week of opportunities that have come knocking on my door. Through Randi, a Navy wife who has become a wonderful friend and mentor, I was introduced to Circle of Friends, a women's ministry located in Ohio. I was originally asked by Randi to help lead a planning workshop for some of the COF women to give them a little guidance about development, board structure, all the fun little details that make a non-profit tick. Naturally, being only 25 and practically a baby in the non-profit world, I wanted to tell Randi she should probably go find someone else more qualified, but instead I just shouted, "Of course!" I am glad I did. Randi got her team assembled and the COF ladies flew in from Ohio and what happened next is difficult to describe using any other words besides whirlwind. What began as a planning workshop quickly turned into a brainstorming session about some exciting opportunities for the ministry and for the planning team here in Virginia. What came out of those discussions was the invitation for me to contribute as a weekly blogger on COF's website, I became a future staff member of a management consulting start up company, and I was asked to be a store manager for a future coffee shop that would act as a business model for a potential franchise! And if all that wasn't exciting enough, on Wednesday, I was asked by Lisa, who is not only the president of Circle of Friends but also a recording artist, to be in a music video set on the Chesapeake Bay. A film crew flew up from Nashville and on Thursday morning, I found myself in front of a camera in my video debut! Obviously, when the finished product is ready, I will tell all six of you who follow this blog where you can check it out.

So between a budding video star career, a husband who has wacky working hours, and a dog that insists on chewing walls, you can see why a few blog updates just slip through the cracks. Thanks for understanding!


  1. As one of your six loyal followers, I cannot wait to see your video debut :) And I hope that Beau starts behaving himself. Addy chewed millions of things, including a giant hole in the wall once.

  2. I agree, as another one of six of your loyal follower, I cannot wait to see the video and even more so Beau and his crazy antics! ;-) xOxO

  3. Thanks ladies! My reader base may be small, but you all are the best!

  4. I only follow this blog to see if anything about me pops up :)