Tuesday, September 13, 2011

our new puppy.

Today we adopted a dog!

It's something we've been thinking about a lot and now that R is scheduled for a deployment next year, we thought it was time. So we went to an adoption event on Saturday and met some cute puppies. They told us there were more at the shelter in Chesapeake. More puppies? Needless to say, R only had to see the look on my face once before he caved.

We got to the shelter and sure enough, there was a litter of lab puppies. Cute, wrinkly puppy skinned, cuddled all on top of each other, adorable babies. There were a bunch of yellows, a black, and even a foxy brown. As I broke the shelter rules and stuck my finger in the cages so their teensy puppy teeth could nibble me, R and I wondered if one of these could be our dog. We stood up to go look at some of the other dogs, and there he was.

A 2 year old, chocolate lab mix. He was a stray that no one claimed and he'd been there 2 weeks. When we walked up to his crate, he just stood up and looked at us, like, "Hey guys. Can we go home now?" We asked to play with him, and he was all puppy energy, running and fetching a toy...until it was time to pet him. Then he leaned into us, hungry for a good scratch behind the ears, calm and sweet.

We just knew.

So we got the paperwork and set off to get our realtor approval and told him we'd be back for him on Monday. Then for the rest of the weekend, we talked and talked and talked. About dog food and training, socializing him and how we would discipline him. We talked about house training and whether or not we would let him jump on the furniture... We were parents.

We picked him up today. And all afternoon we've been enjoying being "new parents". We shopped for a few of his things, "What about this dog food? No, this bed is too hard. Let get him a bone from the butcher instead." (R's words, not mine. I bet I know who his favorite is going to be...) We worry about every little thing, "Is he eating enough? Do you think he's limping? What is this scrape?" We comment on his every behavior, "Oh look, he sat so nice! You didn't pee inside! You are such a good boy!"

And, in the true test of new parenthood, we debated long and hard over his name. Many options were chosen. He had about three names when we got him home. And then one just stuck; it just seemed like him. It pays homage to Wisconsin (as in Lambeau Field), something we wanted. It's short and easy to yell at a dog park. It's unique. And the more we said it, the more we knew.

His name is Beau.

We are so excited to add a new member to our family and as we learn more about him and his personality, I'm sure you'll be hearing all about him.

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  1. Way to go you two!! A shelter baby, the very best kind. You will find all he needs is lots of hugs and kisses, with a bit of training thrown in and he will be the best dog in the world. Nothing like a pet to get you thru any rough patch, their coats are made to hold tears and their ears to keep secrets.
    Love Cousin Janis