Thursday, July 21, 2011

welcome cain.

There's so many things I want to blog about.

Like how my little brother Jonathon has been here all week and we've been amusement parking, beaching, sleeping in, and just generally acting immature.

Or how right after Jonathon leaves, Mom and Dad B., and R's brothers, Mike and Jon are going to be in town for the weekend and we can't wait to show them around.

But as exciting as all those things are, they will just have to wait. The only thing I want to blog about today is my sweet new nephew.

Cain Valkyrie, was born yesterday at 7lbs, 8oz and as handsome as ever. He had a little trouble breathing at first, so he spent the night on oxygen in the NICU, but the report as of this morning is that he's off the oxygen, he had his first feeding, and he should be ready to go home on Saturday. Valerie is doing well and they are all just eager to be able to hold him and play with him.

How beautiful is he? I think our nephews are the best ever.

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