Wednesday, June 15, 2011

with love from panera.

We're here! After a long week of air mattresses, driving, and eating a whole lot of fast food, we are finally here in Virginia safe and sound. But now we're drowning in boxes and packing paper, trying to decide if the couch should go here or no,! Wait, let me see it the first way again... And also feeling quite disconnected from the world while we wait for our internet to get set up. We have lots of pictures and tales from our big moving adventure that I'm just dying to show y'all, but you'll just have to wait because Panera's free wi-fi is just not going to cut it.

Until then, if you can access the blog from your phone or iPad, (if you're one of those super cool hipsters that has an iPad and doesn't have to sit at Panera and pretend you're doing something important and professional on your laptop when really you're just checking Facebook and talking about Panera on your blog), check out the nifty little mobile viewing feature I set up. Cool, huh? And speaking of things, don't be scared to follow the blog, you guys. I added a feature where you'll get an email when I update, down on the right hand column. It makes me feel really important to have followers. Go ahead and give my ego a boost.

Oh guess what? While I've been creep stalking people's profile pics and panhandling for blog followers, R's been figuring out the internet situation. Shouldn't be long before I'm blogging from home again. See you then!

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