Tuesday, May 3, 2011

we are family.

What have we been up to the last two weeks? Well, I'll tell you. If you recall, we had my whole family down South for a Spring Break visit. It was a blast to have everyone together and it was eventful!

I threw a baby shower with my sister Melissa for our sister in law Valerie, who is hiding it in this picture, but has the cutest little baby bump, due in July.

While the girls were "showering", the guys went golfing. R just barely won the green jacket. Actually, he just barely missed teeing the ball into someone's kitchen window, but who's keeping score?

Noah helped us play Crack the Egg with Auntie Melissa on the trampoline. In reality, she ended up cracking her lip open, because evidently trampoline-ing quickly becomes a contact sport when all four siblings are together.

We made it to New Orleans for some sightseeing and beignets at Cafe du Monde. After New Orleans, we left Mississippi and headed to Pensacola.

After Mom and Dad went to bed, the "kids" stayed up late and Noah taught us how to rub Uncle Jason's head for good luck.

The next day, the guy's good luck paid off during a deep sea fishing trip. They caught 70 fish between them! We ate so good that night.

Fishing is hard work. You have to take breaks with a buddy.

That night we celebrated Dad's 53rd...I mean, 35th birthday! Melissa decorated the cake herself using only Cool Whip. Ace of Cakes? I think so.

We even managed to wrangle everyone in long enough to get a nice family picture on Easter Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, everyone headed back home and R and Jason set off for a week on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. This picture was taken after they'd finished their 50 mile trek and survived bears, grueling mountains, and the horrible storms that swept through the South.

He returned to me safe and sound this past Saturday. We had such a great time with the whole family. It was a relaxing vacation before the craziness of moving starts.

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