Friday, May 6, 2011

iphone pictures that i love.

Thank goodness they made phones with cameras. When I'm out running errands and I see something ridiculous or too good not to share, I snap a picture and send it to someone who will appreciate it. But lots of times I forget to send them, or I'm driving and I've already endangered myself and the people around me enough just by taking a picture. (Just kidding, Mom! I never use my phone while driving! In fact I put it in the trunk just to be safe!)

So, hopefully these will make your Friday a little happier.

This one was taken on a visit to Wisconsin. People think I'm exaggerating when I say it gets cold up there.

I'm pretty sure a super size muffin top is something I'm trying to avoid at all costs.

The next few I found while looking for a gift for my nephew. All the Transformers, super heroes, and dark colors in the boy toy aisles leave me feeling very confused, so I always take a spin through the bright pink of the girl toy aisles to get my feet back on the ground. Little did I know these aisles would leave me with more questions than answers.

Like, if these are such loving families, how come you can only buy a mom and a child? I looked everywhere for a dad. And the mom on the left looks young enough to be a child. Kids raising kids...

Look at that happy bride! I'd probably be just as mad if he told me just minutes before they announce us as man and wife that he may or may not have taken a few swigs of his best man's flask just to take the edge off. I can just hear her muttering through her teeth, "You wipe that blank look off your face right now and you smile, Kenneth."

In a less heated section of the girl toys was this little number. Being a veterinarian is an incredibly noble profession. But glam it is not. You better tie that pink sash a little tighter and protect that dress, cause I think I hear a rottweiler with the runs in the waiting room, Doctor.

I just had to check her website out after seeing her ad on the side of a van. On her website, she has a section dedicated to "The Four Legged and Winged Ones I Love", and after several pictures of her with wolves, there is a picture of her and a man. Which begs the question, what is he hiding? Wings or four legs?

Speaking of four legged things that are loved...

Just look at her maniacal grin. Step away from the humane society, lady.

And finally, this little gem.

I am dying to know what Dad did to get himself ripped off the family van. Maybe he ripped himself off after Mom came home with yet another hundred dollars worth of shoes. P.S. This van was spotted at the mall.

At least the four legged ones that they love know where they stand.

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