Tuesday, May 10, 2011

losing my marbles.

Folks, because you love me, you are going to let me vent for just one minute.

If you live in an apartment that shares a wall or a ceiling with a neighbor, feel free to commiserate. If you live in a house and never hear your neighbors, stick around and read about the kind of fun you're missing out on.

We have new neighbors! We've lived here for exactly one year and for the first month we had neighbors that were never home. They were awesome. Then, they moved away and there was nothing but silence next door. Now, not so much.

Two girls who appear to be college age, but never appear to go to class, have moved in to the house that shares a wall with us. And what fun loving girls they are! They stay mostly quiet all day, then right around 1:30 or 2am, they invite friends over, head outside to the backyard (which is about 10 feet from our bedroom window and the window is about 9 inches from our heads), and start pounding down a case of Natty Ice and swearing as loud as they can.

But last night they decided that, after a case of beer and a rousing game of How Many Times Can You Use The F-Bomb When Telling A Story, they would take the party inside. That's where, as I lay awake staring at the clock which read 3:27am, I tried to decide what they were doing that was causing an apparent banging noise, lots of yelling, then what sounded like marbles dropping on the floor. Maybe they were playing marbles, I thought, as my eyes twitched from exhaustion. Someone must have won all the marbles, because the game quieted down and I drifted into a restless sleep while trying to decide if it would be better to blast the soundtrack from Hello, Dolly! tomorrow morning at 6am or wait til 3pm, when their inevitable hangovers were wearing off and the real headache was setting in.

And then today, as I enjoyed the silence coming from the other side of the wall, I realized two things. One; I am getting old. It's sad and it's true. First I'm complaining about the noisy kids next door and the next thing you know I'll be peering out of the blinds with my yappy little Shih Tzu, waiting to catch those hooligans who keep running on my front lawn and disturbing my perennials. And two; It's karma. My freshman year of college, I spent every weekend, and most weeknights, partying loud and late at my friend Megan's first apartment. She lived in a duplex above a grad student named Ping and we were doing a whole more than playing marbles. Ping, where ever you are, I'm so sorry.

So, I can only be so mad at our little party girls next door. I know they're young and thoughtless and so was I once upon a time, and they'll learn.

Until then, you'll have to yell cause I can't hear you over Barbara Streisand.

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