Thursday, April 14, 2011

five things that make me happy.

1. My poor little car is getting new tires tomorrow! She told me how excited she was this morning when I was out filling her current tires, which are bald and cracking, with a bike pump. It's a sweet little ritual we like to do several times a week, but I'm ready for it to end now. That car helps keep me humble.

2. I am cleaning the house to get ready for family and I went a little nuts with the bleach, which, in addition to making it smell like we have a pool, means my house is sparkling clean and totally disinfected. (I never promised that the things that make me happy weren't a little weird as well.)

3. My family is coming! They roll in to my brothers house on Saturday, then head over to my house during the week. Hopefully the pool smell is gone by then.

4. Family time = Me and my brothers and sister telling old stories, laughing about our weird hair styles, and driving R crazy by watching YouTube videos and quoting them so often that we're banned from the computer. (Just ask him about Kittens Inspired by Kittens.)

5. By tomorrow at this time I should have a clean house, a car with some fresh tires, and everything checked off my to-do list. Then, no more to-do's until after Easter! Which is really wonderful because the big to-do after the fam leaves is to find a job in Virginia.

I'll save that for another post; 5 Things That Stress Me Out To The Point Of Losing Sleep And Pulling Out My Hair.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

there goes the neighborhood.

We have the best neighbors.

They're quiet. They keep to themselves. They don't even drop in uninvited. The only thing that worries me is that there are about 10 of them in our back yard at any given moment. And this time of year, they are rather obnoxious about flirting with their girlfriends. They turn bright green, puff up their throats til it turns red, then bob up and down doing a little dance for any ladies that might be interested.

Other than that, they are the perfect neighbors. Plus they let us take pictures of them and put 'em on the internet.

And they keep their music down.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a background check and a dirty diaper.

Things have been pretty busy around here lately.

Which actually means things have been pretty low-key. If I have to do more than walk to the mailbox, I consider it a busy day. Such is the life of the unemployed.

R has been gathering every single piece of information about himself and everyone he's ever known since kindergarten for an extensive background check for his new school. They want names, social security numbers, favorite colors, preferred breakfast cereals. This thing is intense. Unfortunately, it also means that he'll have to be a little more tight-lipped about what goes on at work and I'll have to be even more careful about what goes on this blog. So, I'm sorry but when he finds out who shot Kennedy, even if he tells me, I won't be able to tell you guys.

Also, I, along with my sister Melissa, am planning a little baby shower for our lovely sister in law, Valerie. I've never really been to a baby shower as an adult, so it was a little bit daunting at first. So I researched it. Then I stumbled on a little gem. Apparently, in the world of baby showers, there is a popular game that involves baby diapers, melted chocolate bars, and sniffing and licking. The winner is the girl who could guess the type of candy bar in the diaper. No, I'm not making that up. Suddenly, all my fears about throwing a classy and fun baby shower melted away (pun intended). I could serve macaroni casserole and decorate with old newspaper and I think I could still manage to make it classier than a party with a poopy diaper game. (Sorry if you have ever been to or thrown a shower that featured the poopy diaper game. But really. You should be ashamed of yourself. Also, my computer keeps trying to auto-correct "poopy" to "poppy" or "loopy". Even my computer think it's gross.)

Things are only going to get busier as we get ready for my whole family; Mom, Dad, Melissa and her hubs Jason, the little bro, Jonathon, and Brad, Valerie, and Noah to visit in two weeks. They are coming down from Wisconsin for the baby shower, and because it's Jonathon's spring break, and for Easter, and because they miss me and they know no family gathering is ever as fun unless me and R are there. Yes, we are that fun that people pick up and drive for miles just to see us. So the next two weeks will involve shower preparations, lots of laundry, and getting our tiny house ready for 10 people and three dogs. That's a whole lot more than just walking to the mailbox.

As long as it does not involve poopy diapers, I'm happy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

happy birthday, indeed.

My sister Melissa, pictured here in pigtails, sent me this picture today.

I wish I could think of a funny story about why I'm doing what I am, but unfortunately, what you see is what you get. This is my brother Brad's 4th birthday and obviously I am only interested in one thing.

Okay, maybe two things.